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Wife wants big dick

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I prefer women of duck skinny figure with nice boobies and tits, and shaven. Dont like femine men Seeking to meet after hours. I also would appreciate support, encouragement and advice as I pursue my own career goals. I am seeking for a boy who is honest, funny and has a big heart.

Age: 40
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: I Am Look For Sexual Dating
City: Rogers City, Rockmart, Piscataway Township
Hair: Ultra long
Relation Type: Erotic Women Seeking Black People Meet

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Her orgasms are stronger than they ever were when I used my mouth on her, or employ my 6"x5" cock, with her rubbing her clit. It is like 10 years ago my wife did heroin, and we have chased the dragon ever since.

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But most important it is what they do with their penis, along with other sex play that matters — a large penis used badly will not pleasure a woman. Having a huge penis makes him more confident too, especially since using the Bathmate pump. Sometimes I put a hollow cock sleeve on, which is two devices stacked on top of each other. I have more g-spot orgasms, in addition to feeling wetter — Fulfilling Glenwood fantasys since he has been using the Bathmate pump.

It took me a couple years to get her to open up about the experience. She estimates the big cock she had was a little thinner than a beer bottle, and an inch and a bit longer than my own 6 incher.

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Learn to love your penis, look after it, use it and enjoy it. So how big is big? He loves seeing the expression on my face as he enters me, especially when I slowly slide myself down his large erection when I wannts on top. I love my wife's big pussy, and her sexual honesty, and am thankful that she had a huge cock in her hot past.

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Despite what some so-called experts will tell you, you can have fun with a big penis. We have been married almost a decade, and have been chasing this "big cock experience" for a good chunk of that. Giving him a blow job is good because he is so big so there is more to suck and lick. I tend to use YES organic water based as it is thinner and he uses the YES oil based lube on himself as it is creamier and bih longer — this is one time when oil and water certainly do mix.


It makes my cock an inch or two longer like Mr. The purpose of writing this is not to brag, rather to say you can have fun with any penis. The sensation of being really stretched is not unpleasant but generally feels wante my vagina is being filled completely.

I love doing this really slowly as it makes my vagina throb and I can be in control. Quite wifw, despite his size, I like to mount him without foreplay to enjoy that sensation being stretched — a good lube makes this easy and fun!

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It filled her up, and gently nudged against the back of her cunt, inducing penetration-only orgasms. I love this position!

In fact, thicker than a soda can. Be proud of your penis!

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Now I have stretched her so much that she easily takes my fist, and I can pretty aggressively fuck her with aants. Soooo, we need to tinker around with stuff to satisfy her. Big but waaaay thicker.

We started with bigger than average toys. I also love it when he takes me from behind, or rather on my side. Whatever the size.

We always use lube but not a bucket load, just enough to make it feel really good. I love massaging lubricant up and down the length of the shaft which feels so firm and thick in my hand. Both of us had to be ready.

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The only time is can feel a bit uncomfortable is when he comes as his penis gets bigger and it is often when my vagina is tight after having had an orgasm! It takes a few seconds to adjust to having such a full vagina and we have a few slow gentle thrusts before finding our stride and ramping up the speed.

He knew he was quite big, but that was it. She grunts and moans and makes animal noises as I ravage her with my clenched fist, and talks about how much she needs to be filled up, and how my cock is too small for her. Which is much thicker than the big cock she enjoyed in real life. Big did. I love being able to please her like this, from fucking, like someone did in her past, but I am humbled by having to do so with two layers of plastic dick, held in place by my seemingly skinny pole, which on its own does nothing for her.

Eventually that led to fisting. But after years of bigger and bigger toys and more aggressive fisting, my wife takes it like a champ. Qife I, as a woman, want to state something controversial: My husband has a very large penis and I love it!