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Seeking Nsa Who is your dream guy

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Who is your dream guy

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So would an accent be a must to you? Question 26 Can he pull off a fancy hat? Question 15 Does he have a shaved head?

Plenty of guys have no problem pulling off this look, while for others… well, it may look a bit out of place. Dog Bird Hedgehog A life lived without friends?

Go on, do it. No, I dont like myself like that Yes, I would treat myself well Are you crazy, fool?

Create your dream guy and we'll tell you which celebrity you'll end up with

Looking at him with your mind's eye, what is his very best feature? Or is this a big no-no for you? We're soulmates!

Make out every day,everynight. So it's time for you to spill the beans now with this dreamy personality quiz!

Quiz: my dream guy quiz: howstuffworks

Yes No There are a of celebrities who have adopted the shaved head look. Which name do you prefer? Edward is so romantic. Maybe he's got a clean shave look going on, or maybe he's got that irresistible five o'clock shadow.

gky So is there a sense of humor that you find yourself gravitating to more? In other words, it is now considered cool to be a nerd. But old enough that they might have a little grey in their hair. Take another look at that dream guy of yours, and tell us what kind of facial hair he's got.

Is he taller than 5’10”?

Maybe a few years? Question 18 What kind of movies does he like? At lease I dont think I do.

But that being said, some people can pull off this look better than others. It also might help that those sporting them are also A-list actors.

What type of man do you belong with?

Everybody needs an animal pal to keep them company, so which kind of pet is your dream guy most likely to have? Because a dream guy isn't just someone to date. So are you into guys who go for the piercings?

While i guys may do this because they are losing their hair, others do it simply because they enjoy the look. Question 24 Does he have any hidden tattoos? But at a certain point, you may find that there is no better thing to do on a Friday night than veg out on the couch and watch a movie.

His eyes His body His hair Everybody has a feature that they consider their best. So, wyo of the following cars sounds most like your dream guy's ride? Date him for his money. Think about your dream guy. They also may not be perfect, but at least they will always strive to be a better person for themselves and for you.

I want to go on runs with him, and if he carried me, that'd be cool, too Well, he has to be HOT. Yes No There have been a of scientific studies that have also shown that many women are more attracted to men the older they look. Here are four really great options.

Special feature

Question 14 Does he have an accent? A practical hybrid A sophisticated luxury car A fun, fixed up retro car Obviously, dating a guy because he has a neat car would be an ill-advised venture, unless you're just okay with having a poor relationship Woman want nsa Delanco long as you sometimes get to ride in yout really neat vehicle.

Pick the one that looks the best to you. Everybody needs some friends, and what better friend to have than a furry, four-legged one?