Supernatural: Hibbing 911. When is Jody getting her own show?


Jody is back again!  Jody is one of the few good guys left. Bobby is gone, Garth is a werewolf, Jo and Ellen are dead, Ash is off controlling Heaven and Kevin Tran. . .well I’m not trying to cry today. Jody is a tie back to the time that they had a good support system.  Now when they need help they have Jody, Cas or Crowley. Sooooo yeah Cas isn’t the most stable and Crowley is the King of Hell so they aren’t exactly the best people to have back you up. Except Jody. Jody still sees things in Good vs Evil and yeah she’s open to converting evil (like adopting an ex-vampire as a daughter), but she’s not gone full dark side like the boys.

It refreshing to see the boys interact with her and with Donna and remember it’s not always demons and Knights of Hell and all that. Sometimes you just get to kill a vampire. The writers have done a great job setting up the potential for a spin off (which I feel like could have been done after the last Jody episode) and they could even bring Donna in on it and I wouldn’t complain. This feels natural unlike the attempted Bloodlines spin off. Of course I could be getting excited over nothing, but seriously this could be as smooth as Arrow and Flash with casual crossovers that don’t feel forced. Jody has plenty of experience fighting monsters, a sad love story (really two sad love stories) and a teenage daughter to help with the younger audience.

OK to move on from my fantasizing over this spin off that will probably never happen here are the top 5 moments from this episode:

5. Jody and the Winchester’s banter Jody is the closest thing they have to a mom right now. Jo filled that role for a little while, but after she was gone Jody stepped up to that role a little bit. She respects what the boys do, but isn’t cowed by the fact that they are Winchesters. Even with someone tearing people apart the boys seem more relaxed with her around.

That smile

4. Jody standing up for Donna At the start of the episode we see Donna getting trampled on by her ex-husband and even though Jody is uncomfortable she doesn’t do anything about it. Then we see it over and over again. He keeps making comments about her weight, her personality and is obviously trying to hook up with someone at the retreat. So it’s awesome to see Jody lay into him. Donna, of course, didn’t appreciate it at first, but I think after her moment witnessing a vampire for the first time she got over it. And became awesome.

Come on– we were all thinking it. And we’ve all known this guy.

3.  Donna standing up for herself. We saw her getting treated poorly the last episode she was on and then for over 30 minutes of this episode we saw her put up with more than any woman should ever put up with. So even though she wasn’t standing up to her ex it was glorious to see her stand up to Dean– and then get it done at the end of the episode.

and this this moment:

I really have grown to like her character– but that smile right there– she would have made a creepy villain.

2. Jody and Donna practically cosplaying Dean and Cas. Cause– I mean really:

Am I hallucinating or are they dressed like Dean and Cas?Am I hallucinating or are they dressed like Dean and Cas?

Am I hallucinating or are they dressed like Dean and Cas?

It’s mostly adorable.

1. Dean being so defensive of being an FBI agent. I literally laughed out loud. Which was impressive since I was laying in bed with strep feeling like crap. He was so angry at that cop mocking his job. This is what I love about this show. If it was just a straight up horror/monster show I don’t know that I would watch it. However moments of humor like this is what makes it for me.


Overall this was a very solid episode and I hope with everything in me that Jody Mills gets a spin off show. I’m not holding my breath though.

From the look of next week’s midseason finale we will no longer be riding the love wave between the boys.  I really hope they end up supporting each other and aren’t back where they started. I’m also curious to see what Crowley has done with his mom. Plus I wonder if Crowley helped cure Dean because he wants him human to use the Blade. Maybe he’s too powerful to manipulate as a demon? We’ll see what is answered next week, but I’m sure we’ll have even more questions too.

The Flash: Can Spin offs ever be any good?


The world of TV is filled with spin off shows: The Originals, Angel, Teen Mom, Maude, The Legend of Korra, NCIS, NCIS:LA, NCIS:New Orleans. . . etc.  OK so NCIS kinda got out of control, but the others show that the love people have for some shows and the desire to see more expands into a whole new series.  Sometimes this is great (Angel) and sometimes you end up with L.L. Cool J. licking his lips while solving crimes and Chris O’Donnell trying to forget that he ever played Robin.

The CW had most recently had the spin off of The Originals which is an even more melodramatic version of The Vampire Diaries so although I had high hopes for The Flash because of what I’d seen on Arrow I was somewhat wary that they might take a more early Smallville teen soap opera-y vibe instead of a balls to the wall all the way superhero series.  I’m happy to say that I feel like they are going with the second option. Barry Allen has a real reason and motivation for being a good guy that is out there helping people.  The actor is cute enough to be a great leading character, but not so good looking that he’s distracting.  We’ve gotten to know him a bit on Arrow so there isn’t a lot of awkward getting to know you crap mixed in the pilot. There is some unrequited romance (plus the promise of the full story of him and Felicity Smoak) and a mystery to be solved in what happened to his mom as well as who Harrison Wells really is.



I’m not going to pretend that I know everything about The Flash comics so I know there are a ton of Easter Eggs in this episode that I didn’t get, but I do have a few subtle (or not so subtle) things that I appreciate.

  1. They took the time to really tie into Arrow by having him become a reoccurring character months before The Flash so when he tries to decide how to use his abilities it doesn’t feel strange that he would run to Oliver for advice. Crossovers between the shows look like they are going to be awesome.
  2. John Wesley Shipp is playing the dad.  For those 5 people that are unaware JWS played the Flash in a doomed (but good) 90’s series. Think Lois and Clark, but without the viewers (really it was a good show and shouldn’t have been cancelled).
  3. The surrogate dad Det. Joe West is played by Jesse L. Martin who was a cop on Law and Order for years which I feel like adds a level of legitimacy to his role.  Many people will tune in and recognize him as a cop. I know it’s not a big thing, but I like it.
  4. Lastly superhero costumes can be comical.  What someone draws on a cartoon character is often hard to translate into real life (as cosplayers all over the world know). So the firefighter uniform makes sense and the lightening bolt accents although they could be cheesy are played off as an overly excited tech maker’s signature on his device.  Plus it ties into how he got his powers.

I look forward to seeing where this new series is going to take us and unlike the rather slow start that Gotham is having for me  The Flash will be a show that I not only want to watch, it will also be a show I want to watch live (which isn’t something I do much).

What did you think?

Supernatural: Bloodlines. An introduction to a whole new world.


Don’t worry Dean, you can’t anymore. (The Mark of Cain should be mentioned at least once right?)

Oh wait, just kidding.  It’s the same world.  We just have to be introduced to everyone again like we haven’t been watching for the last 9 seasons. Don’t get me wrong this is not a post slamming the spinoff. I hope all the best for the spinoff and feel like it had a strong opening show.

My wish?  I wish that they hadn’t messed with the flow of this season with this backdoor pilot.  What would have been amazing is if they’d had a special in the summer or in the fall with a pilot to this new show that featured Sam and Dean.  Or done it like the first Ghostfacer’s episode was done.  Now I know that Ghostfacers didn’t get made into a real show, but if it had they did a perfect backdoor pilot for that show.  It was a different format, but the docu-style filming fit with the storyline of that particular episode.  The plot for Supernatural was uninterrupted and we didn’t have all the painful exposition that we had in Bloodlines.

Alright enough of my complaining. I’m never a huge fan of any spinoff pilots, but I’ll give this show a chance when if finally airs.

As far as the episode goes I won’t nit pick the plot line since it didn’t really have anything to do with the Cain story or the battle over Hell, or the battle over Heaven.  However, there were some jewels in this episode.


I loved this little one liner.  I’m sure the boys get tired to making up elaborate lies everywhere they go.  Plus this is a total dick comment that a Fed would make.


I really felt sorry for this guy.  The cops treated him like he was insane and the guys rejected his help which I felt was a little out of character for them.  No they don’t team up with everyone they meet, but they do usually give the witness their number to call if they are in trouble.


You can always count on Dean to provide the twisted sense of humor and this episode needed it.  So much angst and melodrama.


First off– good job thinking on your feet.  Secondly– I like David Lassiter.  He’s the hero this new show needs. Plus I liked the actor as Kol on The Vampire Diaries so I’m glad he’s getting a regular gig.


Surely some other hunters have picked up on this before? Or what about Death when he was about to wipe Chicago off the map? Just seems like it would of come up at some point.


Seriously I think they’ve picked some good actors for the leads and more importantly set them up as good characters.

7. This one has soooo many feels. Plus they have to hook us Supernatural fans somehow right?

So much sadness. Plus it sets David up as the Dean character which then leads to this:


Get it?  Get it? It’s the Dean character is kissing his love interest– who is wearing a trench coat! Haha– I guess it’s giving Destiel to us without actually giving us Destiel.  If that’s your kinda a thing– I hope you enjoyed it.


Since you evidently need a Sam to David’s Dean we establish that his dad is just missing on an extended hunt.  Because that’s not familiar at all. Now he can go off and brood about his dad abandoning him and his girlfriend’s death.  Yep.


And that right there is just to make that list even.  It has nothing to do with this post at all.  Except that it’s pretty.  And has Dean and Cas.  That is all.

We will return to our regularly scheduled program next week.