Harry Potter Baby Shower

What other kind of baby shower would you have?? (OK maybe I’d have taken a Narnia, Supernatural, or any of my other obsessions, but Harry Potter is very high on my list).  A group of us get together every few months and play Harry Potter Scene it, eat Harry Potter food and generally nerd out.  So now that one of us was pregnant it’s natural that we should have a Harry Potter baby shower.  Right?  To be fair, this lovely lady’s Mother in Law organized everything.  So I can’t take credit for anything, but I’m going to share the awesomeness in this post.

She got a ton of Harry Potter baby gifts, we had Harry Potter BINGO, and Butterbeer milkshakes.  Yeah it was pretty awesome all around.  Flip through the slideshow to see all the cool stuff.  And please– if you know a pregnant Harry Potter fan– do this.  My baby showers were very bland in comparison.

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One last thing to leave you with– Holly’s MiL called in the cake order and the person at Food City definitely wasn’t a Harry Potter fan– or someone who knows how to spell the name Russell, because here’s what they made her first:


Needless to say they called for a replacement and got one that actually said Muggle and Russell.

Wade's cake

Wade’s cake

Much better.

Castle Season 6 Premier Party

It’s very rare that I run into someone that is as obsessed as I am about. . . well just about anything.  So imagine my surprise when I saw on my Facebook newsfeed a Castle themed party that rivaled my Hunger Games party last year.  It was thrown by a friend of a friend. . ,of a friend so I totally became that stalker Facebook person that looks at all the pictures and “likes” photos that it’s somewhat creepy that she was looking at to begin with.  Since I’d already been mostly a stalker I went all out and private messaged her to get the full scoop.

The lovely lady (aka insanely huge Castle fan) is named Becky Bird and unlike me, she has been a fan since the beginning.  I didn’t stumble upon Castle until I marathoned Firefly and Serenity a couple years ago and then decided I needed more Nathan Fillion (which then led to weeks of watching Castle every chance I got).  However, it’s been the opposite for her.  She heard about Firefly on Twitter after become obsessed with Castle and watched it to see some more of Nathan Fillion (after all he’s amazing– it really is necessary to watch everything he’s in– even if it’s a Percy Jackson film).

Becky says that the promos drew her attention, but she says stuck around because of “the incredible writing, the humor, the on-screen chemistry of the cast. I love the “bromance ” of Ryan and Esposito, I especially love the blossoming romance between Castle & Beckett. The intricacy of the plots holds your attention throughout the whole show.”  I have to say I agree with her whole heartedly on all of this.  We may have approached these fandoms from opposite directions, but we both agree that this series is golden.

This is her second Castle party and has converted a bunch of people into becoming fans (which I read as harassed a bunch of people to watch it until  they caved and realized how awesome this show is– or at least that’s what I do with Supernatural).  But I have to say she does know how to throw a premier party.

Her predictions for the new season are that after Beckett accepts Castle’s proposal she will go to DC, but will eventually return to the NYPD. She will return because she misses her team at the NYPD, Castle in particular. She feels that her departure will make it somewhat uncomfortable when she comes back because they will have adapted to her not being part of the team anymore.

We will see soon enough and kudos Becky for showing me that I’m not the only one that get crazy obsessed about shows or books!