Supernatural: Reichenbach. Dean’s a Demon. No really, Dean’s a Demon?


Just from the episode name we know that something big is going to happen this go round. Reichenbach Falls is where Sherlock Holmes famously fell to his death (OK well he magically survived as we found out later on) in order to defeat his arch nemesis Professor Moriarty. I know you all knew that, but just in case I thought it was worth mentioning. So as I said we know something big is going to happen.

Last episode we left off with Sam tied up to a chair with psycho friend about to kill him and Dean driving off into the sunset (or moonlight? Whatever.) Obviously Sam isn’t going to die here or that would have made for a very short season and a very abrupt end to the show. We pick up where they left off with Dean still being a jerk and Sam a little worse for the wear.

Psycho tells his sad story about his dad being murdered by Dean.  I’m wondering if they will ever explain why he killed him. Dean in 2003 wasn’t so quick to just kill someone so he would really have had to have a reason. Was he a monster and the son hasn’t turned into one (yet)? Or was he a witch? Or has Dean killed so many people that this one didn’t really stick out?

Two notes on this: 1. Seriously how did this kid not know about monsters if his dad was so involved that Dean killed him? 2. Is this archive footage? Cause Dean looks spot on, not creepy CGI that’s trying to make someone look younger.

Switch to Castiel not able to heal himself and Hannah creepily healing him. Have I mentioned I don’t like Hannah? Maybe I just don’t like demons in general, but I don’t trust her. I’m not on the Destiel bandwagon, but don’t like Castiel having a love interest. The closest relationship I bought like that was him and Meg and he was insane during most of that. Cas talks to Sam (who has escaped conveniently) and hops in a car (with Hannah) to go help try to save Dean. Insert sappy conversation and Hannah acting all weird.

They wreck (because Cas keeps forgetting he’s human and needs sleep) and Hannah continues to be creepy. Really the only thing that saved it this week for me with Cas’ story line was this:

Seriously he was adorable with that little girl. I need him to ditch Hannah and Heaven and all that junk.

Dean accepts a deal with Crowley to kill a woman for him to fulfill a crossroads deal and of course nothing goes as planned. Dean realizes that the husband is the worst of the two and decides to kill him instead which lead to a confrontation with Crowley.  Words were exchanged, Crowley was made to look like a fool in front of his minions which we know is not going to lead to anything good.

when someone is talking about things I don’t give a shit about

So I take Dean’s side in all of this, but this is the first death that we have witnessed of a human. Up to this point we’ve only seen him kill demons that Crowley has sent after him. Will this be important later?

Dean betraying Crowley was definitely important. Crowley goes straight to Sam and rats out Dean’s location. At this time Hannah also visits Heaven and a shady conversation with Metatron happens. Yeah I can’t bring myself to care about this story. I need Cas to at least be a healthy human and be back with the guys. Heaven can wait. Or not. Really just be done with.

Back to Demon Dean sitting at a piano. We see him playing around with the keys and I have seen a few suggestions that he’s playing “Hey, Jude” which is what his mom would sing to him as a lullaby if so that is beautiful, but it’s kind of a stretch with the amount of sound they provide for that scene. I’ll pretend that it’s 100% legit so I can feel some love for Dean since he’s been a dick most of this (read all of this) episode.

Pleasantries are exchanged between the boys and Sam reminds Dean that they know how to cure demons. Dean rudely turns him down and it looks to be gearing up for a fight. Sam makes his dramatic speech and Dean laughs at him. Yeah things are not going well.

Thankfully Psycho shows up to pick that fight with Dean and very stupidly thinks he can kill Dean. Epic fight ensues in which Dean humiliates Psycho boy (yes I know he has a name, but I still think he’s a sideline character). And then Dean does what Sam couldn’t: he convinces Psycho boy that monsters do exist.

So here’s the thing. Sam was Satan. He drained demons to make himself more powerful even though he knew that he was killing the hosts. Sam has always needed saving from himself and Dean has fought him to make it happen. Dean killing one slimy human doesn’t measure up to that in my book.

Don’t get me wrong. Dean is different as a demon. True he still would have slept with whoever he could have, gone to strip bars and killed demons every chance he got, but he would have done it with more charm. He’s quicker to give into all those urges that he would have fought. Still there are enough traces of humanity there that I don’t buy that he’s all demon.

I predict that Dean will go through withdrawals for the blade and until he comes to terms with that he won’t stop fighting Sam. Other notes: they are going to regret giving the blade to Crowley, Psycho boy is still going to cause trouble, but will probably get killed for his efforts, and Sam needs to step up his game.  He let psycho boy get the drop on him and he’s not willing to do what it will take to cure him right now. Get it together Sam.

And finally I’ll leave you with this horrible image.  I found it on Tumblr and have linked the source if you click the image. It was too beautiful not to share.

Those were simpler times when Dean had just been raised from the dead by the host of Heaven, not a bloodthirsty heartless demon. Ahhh.

Supernatural: Thinman. Return of the GHOSTFACERS!!


I have been looking forward to this episode ever since I found out that the Ghostfacers were coming back.  Every Ghostfacer episode is on my list of favorites (Hell House, Ghostfacers, and It’s a Terrible Life).  They are wonderful.  Just serious enough to not be completely goofy, but crazy enough to be a caricature of the ghost hunters on reality TV.

So maybe it’s because I was looking forward to this episode so much that I was a little disappointed in it.  Some of the interactions just felt forced.  The scene at the diner didn’t seem threatening to me, I didn’t buy that Dean wouldn’t have followed through with some of his threat of what he’d do if they didn’t leave, and the conversations between the ‘facers just seemed to scream “HEY LOOK AT US WE ARE HAVING THE SAME FIGHT SAM AND DEAN ARE HAVING!!”

There were a few great moments and lines.  So here are some of the awesome moments of the episode.  Let’s glory in the great moments before I get nit picky.


This is what I love about the Ghostfacers.  They are passionate about what they do and want to become famous doing what they love.


I totally pronounce GIF’s JIF– like the peanut butter so Ed can call it whatever he wants.



I include this because Tumblr exploded with this line.  Now there is a GIF for this emotion too!  Haha, seriously though even though this is totally just meant for people who make GIF’s I can’t help but loving it too,


OK THIS.  This scene right here was the best thing out of the whole episode.  Yes they reminded us over and over that the problems that the Ghostfacers were having had great parallels with the issues that Sam and Dean are having, but this moment reminded us of the relationship they used to have.  I miss season 1-6 brotherly love.  I hope Sam took away from this what I did too.  This is a cute story about Sam following Dean’s lead even though it was a terrible idea, but look deeper.  Dean took Sam to the ER alone, on his handlebars, because at age 9 and 5 their dad was out hunting monsters instead of taking care of his family.  As a mother of a 6 and 4 year old I can’t imagine leaving my kids alone to fend for themselves.  They’ve touched on this before, but this is another huge reminder of what a huge loser douchebag John Winchester was.  Sure he was out there saving lives and killing monsters, but what was he doing to his kids in the process?  How can Sam shut Dean out after this reminder?  Sam is all that Dean has and yes he was ready to die, but how could he be surprised that Dean wouldn’t allow that.


Just like I want Sam to stop pouting and fighting with Dean I also want Dean to realize how much he hurt Sam and apologize!  I predict that Dean will get sick, almost die or whatever and Sam will be faced with a similar decision and suddenly understand again what Dean was thinking.  I also think that Dean is going to have to apologize before any progress can be made between the two of them.


I’m wondering if the ease with which Dean killed the Thinman is side effect of the Mark of Cain or if he just doesn’t feel any remorse with killing humans anymore.  I could see it either way and am even a little surprised that Sam brought it up.  They’ve both done their fair share of killing and this instance was completely warranted.  So I guess I’m going to go with the fact that both boys are crazy messed up in the head.

Overall this episode gave both Dean and Sam a lot to think about.  They saw two friends ripped apart by lies and pretty much saw their last argument repeated word for word right in front of them.  I’m going to call bs on a little of this though. Yeah Ed lied to Harry about the Thinman and broke up him and his fiance, but Dean saved Sam’s life!  He trusted an angel that Cas vouched for.  Dean wasn’t trying to break up Sam from a girlfriend because he wanted to hang out with him more.  He was saving him from being killed by a failed mission. Rule #1 is that Dean loves Sam more than his own life.  Period.  Sam once went to crazy lengths too to try to save Dean, but he seems to have forgotten all about that.

So yeah some of the plot felt forced, it wasn’t as scary as I think it could have been (I miss the episodes like Ghostfacer and even the webseries.  Those episodes had the creepy factor not just the prerequisite monster), and they drilled into us the similarities between the ‘facers and the boys instead of keeping it subtle.  However, when it’s all said and done, this was a solid episode and I can’t help but feel that we are moving towards something big.  My hope is that once we get to that something big that we’ll be able to understand these last few episodes a little more.

Supernatural: Sharp Teeth. Has Everything Changed?

Sharp Teeth was on the surface a filler episode.  Yeah we had Garth show up and had a twist in his story, but as much as I love Garth I don’t count him as a real main character.  He’s the comic relief of the show. Heaven knows they need some comic relief.  Just 2 seasons ago they were able to spread that around between Bobby, Garth, Cas, Meg, Crowley and Kevin.  Out of that cast they have Cas and Crowley left (sorry, Garth’s episode felt like a goodbye.  I just don’t see a werewolf staying a hunter).  That’s a big burden to put on those actors so I predict a new character to help with said comic relief.  At least I hope so.  Perhaps Cain (and Able?) will provide some dark comedy?

Now if we dig a little deeper I think there are a lot of subtle clues about some big changes going on with Dean.  Dean and Sam have both been losing their humanity bit by bit for seasons now, but Dean took another big step forward.  He is flat out lying to Sam now, not for his own good, but just because he is working alone as much as possible.  Next, did anyone else notice how Dean got it done killing wise.  Knife thrown through the heart? NBD.  Killing a bunch of other werewolves?  It’s all good.


Now don’t get me wrong.  Dean has always been a killing machine, but he seemed especially on point this episode.  My theory is that the Mark of Cain is helping him out.  Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but Sam’s no slouch as a hunter.  Yet in comparison to Dean Sam looked almost inexperienced.  This almost reminds me of Sam back in his demon blood days.  Cold, calculating, and a killer through and through.



Now the monster story in the background (OK maybe foreground) of this episode was interesting, but if Garth hadn’t been involved it would have been just another monster of the week story.  This episode brought the boys back together, said goodbye to Garth (once again– I’m not trying to get rid of Garth, it just seemed like a goodbye episode), and we saw Dean as a confident killer.

What was the most heartbreaking moment of the episode though?  You might think I would say Garth revealing his werewolf issue, but no.  It was this moment:

No one is over Kevin’s death.  Not Sam, or Dean, or me.  Seriously I was depressed for days and still get weepy thinking about it.

Second most feels filled moment:

Sam saying that all their issues have stemmed from them being family broke Dean’s (and my) heart.  Of course Dean had said all this to Sam in the past (not the family stuff, but that he didn’t know who Sam was and couldn’t trust him).

The boys are brothers and no matter how much they try to “just work” that’s not going to happen, but I do hope that perhaps putting all the emotions to the side for a brief moment might allow them to finally move on.  Move on from some of the baggage left over from the bad decisions they have both made over the years.  Was this a game changer episode in disguise as a routine monster of the week episode? Hey, a girl can hope.



Dog Dean Afternoon: Classic Supernatural?


I’m slacking again on the Supernatural posts.  This one is a little late, but I wanted to have time to really talk about this episode.  Supernatural is full of violence, suspense, and evil with some love thrown in to really hit us in the feels.  However. about once a season (twice if we’re lucky) they throw in these great episodes.  They move along the big plot lines, but mostly just show the boys having fun.  Sam always seems to almost die and you get a few really touching moments that make you want to cry.  This is one of those episodes.

In season 2 we had Tall Tales and Hollywood Babylon, season 3 there was Bad Day at Black Rock, A Very Supernatural Christmas (I’m gonna fudgin’ kill you!), Mystery Spot,and  Ghostfacers. (Holy Crap Season 3 was awesome).  Season 4 had Monster Movie and The Monster at the End of This Book,  season 5, Changing Channels and The Real Ghostbusters, and Swap Meat.  Season 6 had Weekend at Bobby’s (this one kinda counts even thought the boys aren’t in it much), Clap Your Hands If You Believe and The French Mistake (this was a pretty joyless season so these breaks were very much needed), season 7 was light on the humor with only Season 7, Time for a Wedding! and Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie (which I’m tempted to not count because clowns freak me out too).  And finally season 8 was the worst for comedic breaks.  I think they were going for that with Hunteri Heroici, but it fell a little short for me.  I would argue that Everybody Hates Hitler is the only one to approach a fun episode in season 8 (yes, yes I remember LARP and the Real Girl, but this one also fell flat with me since the boys were still fighting.  No amount of Felicia Day can make up for Sam and Dean not getting along).  The only reason I really like EHH is because of the scene where Sam and Dean are heating their hands over the burning corpse and Aaron states what we are always forgetting:  These guys are psychopaths.  Seriously I’m obsessed with a show about killing and desecrating remains.  I need to be reminded of this every once in a while.

OK I said all of that to point out that it has be a long time since we’ve had a legit funny episode.  The French Mistake is probably the last real, honest to goodness episode like this and it aired in Feb. 2011!  It was about time.  I had my doubts going in.  The previews looked a little odd.  Dean barking at the mail man when taken out of context looks more goofy than funny, but in the flow of the episode it was genius.


This episode had a ton of gems.  There was the cracks at hippies from Dean and then the unexpected conversation with the pigeon.  Both actors did so well with this whole “talking to animals bits” and what could have been a really cheesy, kid show type interactions were hilarious.  I may have laughed a few times randomly thinking about Dean playing fetch with Sam.  Haha.  I didn’t realize what he was doing until the gave it back to him again.  That’s totally something I would do if I was stressed out about something and not watching what I was doing.

So I’m not going to break down every little joke, every funny thing that Dean did (I will say that Dean checking out the poodle was both hilarious and creepy), but I will leave you with some clips of those funny moments.  They can remind you of how great this show is.  Also I will mention that almost all of these funny episodes were followed by heart wrenching episodes where we lose someone.  If that doesn’t make you anxious enough I will also point out that Sam now KNOWS something is up and is not going to let it go.  I may end up being right about when he will find out about Zeke.  (My prediction was not this next episode, but the next one.)  So keep that in mind while you’re laughing it up.  We’ll probably be crying soon.




Top 10’s from the Supernatural Season 9 Premier

Season 9 Supernatural

Wow. This post is going to have crazy spoilers so if you haven’t seen the premier yet: STOP NOW!  You were warned.

OK to recap everything that was awesome about this episode:

  1. The cut that shows that Sam and Dean are not driving away from another disaster, but are in fact in the hospital
  2. Dean’s reaction to the doctor saying it was all in God’s hands and then his subsequent prayer to Cas
  3. Tahmoh Penikett.  I love this dude and was so excited when I saw that he was an angel.  Hopefully he’s not gone just because he’s now inside Sam. Yeah that sounds weird when you explain it like that
  4. Human Cas.  I don’t know that I can say more than that.  He was just amazing.
  5. Dean’s loyalty to Cas after everything that has happened– of course I don’t know that he would have even given up Crowley to someone who was beating the crap out of him.
  6. This kinda goes along with #4, but Cas’ escape from psycho angel girl was amazing.  I don’t think he could have done something like that without all the time he’s spent with the boys.  Kinda messed up that I was so happy he killed a teenager.
  7. Bobby. Bobby.  Bobby.  I wanted to cry when he told Sam he’d be waiting with a couple of cold ones.
  8. DEATH!  One of my favorite sequences ever on Supernatural is the first time they meet death.  This actor looks like death without being comical.  I was super excited to see him back last night.
  9. Cas’ laundromat struggles.  I will miss his trench-coat and tie combo, but loved that he recognized his human needs.  Too bad he spent that money on a bottle of water though.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to be hungry soon.
  10. Bobby.  Oh did I mention him before?  Yeah he needs another mention.  I was so happy this wasn’t just a weird ghost thing, but a legitimate reason for him to be back.

How I think Sam should cut his hair:

Swan Song

I don’t feel the urge to braid it at this length.

Questions I have:

  1. Is Ezekiel really who he says he is?  I’m thinking not, but how awesome would it be if he WAS and he received doubt and suspicion the whole season just to prove he is who he says he is.  I would love to see a good angel.  Probably not going to happen here.
  2. In that line of thought is Ezekiel really too weak to heal him?  How convenient that possession is the only way.
  3. Will the angels be any better than demons now that they have fallen?  Or perhaps it will make them want to help humans more after they see first hand the day to day struggles they go through.  Yeah probably not. Obviously something is up since psycho angel girl didn’t heal herself after the car crash.
  4. How pissed is Sam going to be when he finds out that Dean stuck and Angel in him?  OK maybe I know they answer to this question, but WOW that is going to be ugly.
  5. Why didn’t Dean look to Crowley before he looked to the angels?  He was almost cured so surely he would be open to helping Sam out.
  6. Is Crowley really the King of Hell anymore?  I’m guessing he has been demoted.
  7. Did Death know that he wasn’t really going to take Sam?  He is mostly omnipotent so maybe that’s why he went personally.  I feel like he likes the Winchesters in his own way so maybe he just wanted to hang out for a bit.  No?  Still I feel like he probably knew what was going to happen.
  8. Will Cas be able to see that Sam has an angel inside him?  I’m guessing not now that his Grace is gone, but maybe that’s how Sam will find out.  As in Cas gets his Grace back and then realizes what Dean has done and announces it.
  9. When is Sam getting a hair cut?  Now I like my Jared Padalecki shaggy, but I feel like he’s crossing a line.  Like a mousse/blowdry line.   Please.  Trim it up.
  10. What is the plan with Crowley?  I really want to see him more and my favorite Crowley episodes were when he was working with the boys.  Yes he had his own agenda, but he makes a great bad-good guy.

Overall I thought this was a solid season premier which I have to say I didn’t feel the same with the start of season 8.  There is mystery with the whole angel inside Sam situation, a bunch of big bads in the corners (the angels, Abaddon, Crowley, etc), Cas of course needs help, but there isn’t the confusion we experienced last season with the whole Purgatory crap.  I’m excited to see where they go with this and if they try to tie up the loose ends from last season (Amelia and Benny) or if they are just going to disappear into oblivion like their half brother still stuck in hell.  What are your opinions?  Tell me in the comments after watching that clip of Death that I was talking about earlier.

Truly the best sequence in the show.

Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business

Supernatural is one of my favorite shows (OK so I have about 10 shows I could say that about, but I can’t help that I become obsessed with so many things!)  Last year at Dragon Con I did a thrown together cosplay of Sam all by myself and had a total of 1 person know who I was (he was dressed as Cas so that helped).  This year I wanted to do it up right and instead of doing straightforward rule #63 changes I decided to mix it up even more with a steampunk slant.  I peer pressured my brother and his friend to be the Dean and Castiel to my Sam.  Here are the results:

(all photos by Malland Photography)

costumes (87)

Sam and Dean

costumes (60)


What do you think?

Here are some more to help you make up your mind:

costumes (54)

This is my favorite of my Sam

costumes (65)

That leather corset was a pain to make, but I’m pretty jealous she gets to wear it

costumes (64)

costumes (82)

So what do think?  Do you have suggestions?  After all we have 7 more days so I’m sure I could whip up something 🙂

While you’re thinking I’ll leave you with some Destiel love:

costumes (85)