Supernatural: Fan Fiction. When the Writers Show That They’ve Been Watching Us.

So all of you that have been making Adam memes and slightly to very disturbing art on deviantART (yes there is a LOT of beautiful stuff on there too). Well it’s obvious the writers have been watching and listening.


We start out with a preview of this amazingly well funded high school play (I went to public school so maybe private schools have that kind of budget). A quick look at the play and the teacher overseeing the play looks like she’s going to be putting and end to it.  Of course after she walks out she gets grabbed by some mysterious vines and we cut to an awesome montage of past intros.

After months (seasons/years) of issues between the boys we see Dean working on the Impala and other than a quick disagreement as to whether this is a case or not the boys are working together. There is not tension between them or unresolved issues that are distracting them from their job. It is glorious.

They walk through the doors right before the rest of the banner gets put up proclaiming that for one night only Supernatural: The Musical will be playing. (This episode is full of great moments and the conversation between the boys on the way in ranks up there. Dean throwing out that Sam “ran tech Wolverine” in the production of Oklahoma! that he was it was perfect). What follows is amazing to watch.  The first thing they see is a girl in a fake beard practicing saying “Idgit” and a girl Castiel practicing lighting Michael on fire. The look on their faces of revulsion, confusion and panic is great.  Once the music starts, narrated by a singing Dean, telling (in a rather upbeat manner) all the intimate details of their life, the boys look like they are going to be sick.

Sam manages to pull it together and tries to play himself off as an FBI agent (Smith) while Dean barely manages to introduce himself (also Smith– no relation). Awkwardness ensues. Dean arguing first that their is no singing in Supernatural and then defending their choice of covering Carry on my Wayward Son to Sam. So many wonderful things are happening. Sam is almost delighted with the play and a few times even seems to be trying to impress the girls with his drama skills.

I am amazed with all the fanfic and theories they managed to touch on in this episode and they hit a big one right up front. While the girls/boys are practicing their “BM scene” Dean gets enraged at the actors standing so close together. The director/writer (Marie) explains it with “you know, subtext” and once again for like the 10th time already this episode Jensen Ackles shows off his amazing acting skills. After finding out how far off the rails her fanfiction had gone from the real story (in her world Dean becomes a woman) he tries to tell her what really happened and gets laughed at.

Enter the next big topic for them to explore: Destiel. The Dean actress and the Castiel actress are evidently a couple in real life and Dean begins to get panicky. He is explained once again that this is just subtext (but you can’t spell subtext withough SEX). Sam is delighted by Destiel and throws out more names that could be used (and have been) and even asks why there isn’t Sastiel or Samstiel. Sam gets Dean back plus some for all the derogatory comments that he made about Sam’s drama past.

We see another girl threaten to shut down the play (the one playing Sam) and get captured by the vines/scarecrow again, but this time director girl witnesses the attack. This moves the case along (similar flowers were found at both crime scenes and now they have someone to question).Evidence begins to point at the show’s scarecrow that could have become a Tulpah (and Sam tries to admit to being Sam and Dean– which is also accepted by laughter and mockery. The girls say they are way too old and they classify them in the age range as Bobby and Rufus. Yes it’s as great as you can imagine).

Dean goes off to destroy the scarecrow with the director and Sam stays behind with the assistant to do some more research. Once they get back Sam shows them that it wasn’t a tulpah, but instead is Calliope, a god that feeds off of writers after their work is realized.  Meaning the show must go on and they just have to kill Calliope before she can eat the director. Which is awesome because now we are going to get to see this play in all it’s glorious-ness.

Since we no longer have a Sam actress Marie takes over that role as well and we see her get fully into character.  I’ve never seen the girl that plays Marie before (Katie Sarife) but she really impressed me this episode.  She took a slightly annoying, very weird character and made her funny and engaging without being over the top or offensive.

Preshow Sam and Dean are reviewing the cast all dressed up and Sam finally asks the question that has been killing me since I saw the premise of this episode, “Where’s Chuck?” We don’t really get a good answer, but it kinda looks like there will be no Chuck and that he will remain a mystery. Dean gives a rousing speech about how they should act with passion and as much subtext as they got (the cast then does the Ghostfacers cheer to get going– have I mentioned how awesome this episode is?)

So much awesome occurs really quickly. Dean starts dancing along to the music, Sam gets captured by the god, girl Castiel reenacts the “I’ll just wait here then” scene. Calliope explains that she’s not sure why she was drawn to this play except maybe it was because the inspiration for the stories were present. Not to mention Marie as Sam singing a lovely song about Sam’s feelings towards Dean.

Supernatural - The Musical

Sam manages to kill Calliope which kills the scarecrow that Dean has been fighting, but the audience just thinks that it was part of the play. Dean and Marie have a touching scene where she reveals that she knows he’s the real Dean. We also get to watch the real Sam and Dean have a BM scene while they watch girl Sam and Dean have a similar scene.

The crowning moment of this episode?  During the Carry on My Wayward Son chorus Sam asks in confusion who one of the actors out on the stage is supposed to be and the assistant director answers that it’s Adam and reminds the boys that he’s still in the cage in Hell with Lucifer. Watching the boys exchange awkward glances was glorious.  I wonder if they will touch on this anymore or just continue to ignore their other brother? For that matter I wonder how much of this will be addressed outside of this episode.

- Who’s that?
- Oh, that’s Adam. John Winchesters other kid. He’s still trapped in the cage. In hell. With Lucifer.

Both Sam and Dean seem to have taken a lot away from seeing other people act out their relationships and the episode ends with all being right between Sam and Dean. I really hope this continues and we get to see a season 1 type relationship.

Well I said it ended there, but it truly ended with this:

Not bad.

So nothing answered about Chuck except that he’s still alive– and perhaps we’ll get to see him some more? I’m of the Chuck is God school and would love to see him come in and lay the smack down on Metatron and fix Castiel for good. Yeah I know I’m dreaming.

Welp. Praise the Chuck and pass the ammunition.

Supernatural: Black. The one where Crowley is the most human of the bunch.

Well here we are at the season 10 premier and as it is with many season premiers the boys are separated. However, unlike previous seasons they aren’t together by the end of the episode.

We start out the episode watching Sam going crazy looking for Dean (but not quite as crazy as he was when Dean was in hell or when Dean was killed for 6 months by the Trickster. Still he’s pushing boundaries and not letting much stop him from trying to find out where Dean is.


The most concerning part of this opening sequence isn’t Sam slicing into demons or losing sleep trying to find a lead, but watching how sick Castiel is now. Yeah we knew that his grace situation was definitely lacking, but no one likes seeing Cas dying in a nasty flop house (btw why isn’t he staying with Sam? Have I forgotten something?). Sam has gone dark before, but Cas doesn’t get a cold much.

Switch to Crowley and Dean living life to the fullest. Just the exchange between Crowley and Dean says so much. They exchange the boys signature bickering phrase (Jerk/Bitch) and then are seen playing crappy pool hall games. You put this scene together with the conversation Crowley has with Sam later and I think we get to the root of all that is going on. Crowley states more than once about how much fun he’s having with Dean and vice versa. Did he get Dean to take the Mark just so that they could be bffs? It sure seems like it from where I’m sitting.  I also have a theory that he’s sending the other demons to attack Dean to make his change even more concrete. It never hurts that Dean is probably making a name for himself and a BAMF in all the demon circles.

Cas’s story this episode doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not just because he’s not on his A game it’s because he’s willing to kill another angel to get him to obey Heaven.  Since when has Cas been an angel that listens to Heaven.  Any time he is that kinda angel it usually ends very badly. I just feel like he’s still being manipulated and you’d think by now Castiel would be wise to such tactics.

Wait– I thought we were ignoring the whole Amelia story line.

The other thing that doesn’t sit well with me is how easily Sam gets fooled by creepy Army dude. I mean seriously– his car suspiciously breaks down on a dark abandoned road while he’s on his way to track down Dean (which he knows Crowley knows he’s coming) and doesn’t doubt the intentions of a guy that pulls up immediately behind him to help? Where’s his gun? Where’s his automobile know how?  The Impala might be Dean’s, but he’s been around it long enough to know how a car works. It just seemed too convenient a trap and something that Sam wouldn’t have been caught unawares about.

The episode wraps up with Sam zip tied to a chair about to die and crazy army dude frustrated that Dean doesn’t seem to care about it (btw– Sam had Dean’s number this whole time?). Dean just drives off alone promising CAD his eventual death and seems to genuinely not care if Sam lives or dies.

Well. Isn’t that nice.

Not only are the boys at odds they don’t seem to be kissing and making up anytime soon. Will Dean be cured? Will Crowley get his way and have Dean at his right hand in Hell? Will Sam be killed (ummm no) and will Cas die from lack of grace (no please?)?

Well even with my questions one thing is for sure: Season 10 is setting up to be pretty amazing and I’m definitely excited to see what is coming.

Supernatural: Bloodlines. An introduction to a whole new world.


Don’t worry Dean, you can’t anymore. (The Mark of Cain should be mentioned at least once right?)

Oh wait, just kidding.  It’s the same world.  We just have to be introduced to everyone again like we haven’t been watching for the last 9 seasons. Don’t get me wrong this is not a post slamming the spinoff. I hope all the best for the spinoff and feel like it had a strong opening show.

My wish?  I wish that they hadn’t messed with the flow of this season with this backdoor pilot.  What would have been amazing is if they’d had a special in the summer or in the fall with a pilot to this new show that featured Sam and Dean.  Or done it like the first Ghostfacer’s episode was done.  Now I know that Ghostfacers didn’t get made into a real show, but if it had they did a perfect backdoor pilot for that show.  It was a different format, but the docu-style filming fit with the storyline of that particular episode.  The plot for Supernatural was uninterrupted and we didn’t have all the painful exposition that we had in Bloodlines.

Alright enough of my complaining. I’m never a huge fan of any spinoff pilots, but I’ll give this show a chance when if finally airs.

As far as the episode goes I won’t nit pick the plot line since it didn’t really have anything to do with the Cain story or the battle over Hell, or the battle over Heaven.  However, there were some jewels in this episode.


I loved this little one liner.  I’m sure the boys get tired to making up elaborate lies everywhere they go.  Plus this is a total dick comment that a Fed would make.


I really felt sorry for this guy.  The cops treated him like he was insane and the guys rejected his help which I felt was a little out of character for them.  No they don’t team up with everyone they meet, but they do usually give the witness their number to call if they are in trouble.


You can always count on Dean to provide the twisted sense of humor and this episode needed it.  So much angst and melodrama.


First off– good job thinking on your feet.  Secondly– I like David Lassiter.  He’s the hero this new show needs. Plus I liked the actor as Kol on The Vampire Diaries so I’m glad he’s getting a regular gig.


Surely some other hunters have picked up on this before? Or what about Death when he was about to wipe Chicago off the map? Just seems like it would of come up at some point.


Seriously I think they’ve picked some good actors for the leads and more importantly set them up as good characters.

7. This one has soooo many feels. Plus they have to hook us Supernatural fans somehow right?

So much sadness. Plus it sets David up as the Dean character which then leads to this:


Get it?  Get it? It’s the Dean character is kissing his love interest– who is wearing a trench coat! Haha– I guess it’s giving Destiel to us without actually giving us Destiel.  If that’s your kinda a thing– I hope you enjoyed it.


Since you evidently need a Sam to David’s Dean we establish that his dad is just missing on an extended hunt.  Because that’s not familiar at all. Now he can go off and brood about his dad abandoning him and his girlfriend’s death.  Yep.


And that right there is just to make that list even.  It has nothing to do with this post at all.  Except that it’s pretty.  And has Dean and Cas.  That is all.

We will return to our regularly scheduled program next week.

Supernatural, Meta Fiction: Where (Fan’s) Dreams Come True


Wow.  There were so many great things about this episode, but let me say I seriously thought when I saw someone typing on a typewriter that Chuck was back (aka God).  After all he was around during the apocalypse it would make sense that he showed back up during this craziness.

Alas it was just Metatron being a douche as always. He goes on a shpeal about stories and subtext (seriously I could hear the Destiel shippers cheer from my house) and then it jumps into the episode.  Of course this was more important than I thought it was at the time, but we’ll get back to that later.

Most likely I was distracted from Metatron’s doucheiness by this glorious scene.  And yes I’m posting the whole photo set, because you deserve to see it again.


Yeah out of all the fan service in this episode I am most thankful for this jewel.  Dean you can be moody all you want. . .while showering.

The episode continues to set up like a pretty good episode.  Metatron is using Gadreel to gather angels and then kill them, the boys are hunting him with Cas’s help and then it starts to get even more interesting.  Just as Cas is loading up to go search for Gadreel the lights flicker and the TV switches on.  OK right then I began to hope/suspect that Gabriel was back and then once I heard the Casa Erotica music I did squeal, and text my friends/brother to verify they were seeing it too (they were “working”??).  I didn’t realize how much I missed Gabriel (and Lucifer and Zachariah etc), but I was super excited to see where this was going.

I should have known that it was too good to be true.  Gabriel back just when we need/want help.  What REALLY clued me in that something was wrong was that he started talking about how he was there to lead the resistance and how he just wanted to help this time.  Even when he DID help last time he was reluctant and that involved stuff a lot closer to home.  I definitely knew something was seriously wrong when he mentioned that Cas was low on  gas randomly while not even looking at the gas gauge.  What I wasn’t expecting was that Metatron was in Cas’s head this entire time making him see what he wanted to see.

I wasn’t so impressed with Metatron downloading all the Pop Culture that he could to Cas’s brain.  I like my Cas clueless as to what is going on around him.  We’ll see if that become as annoying as it has potential to be.  I really hope not.  Metatron also threw around a bunch of crap about how he was a hero and Cas was a villain which leads me to believe that he’s super insane.

OK I’ll come back to the Cas and Metatron  story line in a moment.

While Metatron and Cas have been doing their thing Dean and Sam have captured Gadreel and Sam quickly loses control while they try to question him.  I know I’ve mentioned how much I love the actor playing Gadreel before, but seriously.  I loved Tahmoh Penikett in Dollhouse and am loving him in this too.  I do think he’s trying to redeem himself, but has just aligned himself with the wrong guy.  If he’d met Cas first and really truly partnered with the boys I think he would have ended up one of the good guys.

Dean takes over the torture/interrogation and he lets the scary out a bit.

Gadreel pushed all the right buttons with Dean (Daddy, Sam, loneliness, etc) trying to get him to kill him (once again I think he just wants an end to the guilt and pain he’s felt since the fall of man), but Dean realizes what’s going on before hand.  We get another thoughtful bathroom scene from Dean ending with him casually (and in a super scary fashion) confidently walk out of the bathroom twirling the angel blade in his hand and forgetting his cell phone next to the sink. Yeah that’s not bad.

Speed up to Sam finding out that Metatron has Cas and wants to trade him for Gadreel which has Sam speeding back to Dean before Dean can kill Gadreel.  Dean of course isn’t answering the phone  and Gadreel is no where to be seen when Sam rushes into the warehouse.  We are supposed to assume that Dean got out of control and killed Gadreel, but I have to say I didn’t fall for it.  Dean after all tortured people in Hell for years so yeah I believe he would inflict pain on Gadreel, but do I think he would release him from his trap?  No.That’s what he wanted so that’s the last thing he’s going to get.  However I do wonder at his muddled speech and confusion when Sam finds him slumped on the floor.  Is that from the Mark of Cain?  Or is he just worn out from torturing an angel?  I’m assuming the former.

They make the trade with Metatron, but their trap they set fails miserably.  Metatron is making the age old mistake of telling the other people his master plan with the assumption they can do nothing to stop them.  Evidently reading all the Supernatural books didn’t clue him in that it takes a hell of a lot to stop the Winchesters.

Back at the motel they are parting ways with Cas (why exactly I’m not sure.  Shouldn’t they be working together?  I can understand to an extent, but it seems like it should be time to regroup and plan).  Cas comments on Dean’s well being and Dean gives him an awkward shoulder pat which resulted in this:

I think that Dean wanted Cas to find out.  It’s like when you get a tattoo and then “accidentally” show it off.  Yes he knew that Cas would probably disapprove, but I also think that he knows Cas hill want to help him get rid of it when the time comes.  I feel us inching closer and closer to Sam eating his words about how he’d let Dean die if the tables were turned.

Lastly we found out earlier that Metatron’s end game this go round was to get Cas to lead the rebellious angels and Cas repeatedly refused to do this.  So why does the closing scene show Cas drawing the Horn of Gabriel and calling all the angels to his side? We also see Metatron typing this scene on his typewriter with a satisfied smirk on his face.  So is Metatron controlling Cas?  Or is Metatron just seeing what is going on and is happy about it?  Maybe Cas is going to put Hannah in charge?  I cannot believe that Cas would willingly take the deal unless it was to save the boys.  Even then I don’t see it happening.

And can we talk about how much it pissed me off that Metatron spelled Cas “Cass”—- umm no.  Cas is short for Castiel, he’s not Mama Cass.  Overall though this was an amazing episode and the writers killed it (along with all of my feelings) and the actors weren’t too shabby either.  I’m excited to see where it’s going from here until the season finale.

Anything I missed?  Thoughts?

Supernatural “Road Trip” Is it all Dean’s fault?

These boys don’t know how to let go do they?  OK let me rephrase:  Dean doesn’t know how to let go of Sam.  Season 1 their dad sells his soul to save Dean and leaves Dean wracked with guilt. Then in season 2 Dean sells his soul to bring Sam back from the dead and then they spend a bunch of time trying to fix that.  Oh wait, then his whole “getting dragged to hell” thing caused even more issues.  Yet, while Dean was in Hell and during “Mystery Spot” were the only times that Sam really worked to get Dean back.  My theory? It hurts too much.  Or perhaps Sam has decided it hurts others too much.


Dean’s visit to hell caused the Apocalypse and Sam’s visit to Hell caused him to be a soulless jerk for over a year.  Now his Gadreel possession has cost Kevin Tran his life.  (From the view of the writers though, Kevin had to die in order to get Crowley back out there.  There is no way that Kevin would have agreed to letting Crowley go).  I will say that the desire to stay alive has cost the world and both the boys so much and if I was Sam I’d be questioning this as well. (Now don’t get me wrong– I love this show and don’t want the boys to die, but I can see why they would want to die).

OK getting back to this episode though Kevin is dead, Dean is left to deal with the guilt and clean up the mess.  Then of course make some more mess with a very manly display of anger.  The interactions between Dean and Cas this episode are pretty great though.  It’s nice to see them back together not (really) keeping secrets from each other and working towards a goal.

Cas supports Dean even though really Dean did screw a bunch of crap up. Usually we see Dean in this position.  After all Cas tried to become God and then screwed up even worse by trying to make amends for all the wrong he did.  Which made his comments to Dean mean that much more meaningful.

Dean didn’t really buy it, but it was at least enough to get him working towards a goal again. Which brings us back to Gadreel.

Part of me feels sorry for Gadreel.  He is getting played hardcore by Metatron. I can’t help but think that if Metatron hadn’t come along and fed him a bunch of crap that Gadreel really would have healed Sam and then moved along.  My hope?  That Gadreel will realize how full of it Metatron is and will take him out.  That would slightly make up for what he has done to Dean, Sam and Kevin.  Slightly. Just a tiny bit.

Surely he has to be second guessing his choices.  I predict that killing his friend will eat away at him and this will start him on the road to take down Metatron. After all who can forget this face?

Moving on.  I loooooove, love, love Crowley as the good bad guy and it looks like we are going to see even more of this.  On a side note I think this show does an amazing job with the image of the demon and angel possessions.  This moment was pretty cool to watch:

and also this line:

Look at Dean, trying so hard to make it right, yet still get his way.  I never had a doubt that as soon as Sam realized what was going on that he would be able to kick Gadreel out.  I wonder if now that he’s not possessed if he will be able to shed light on Gadreel’s real personality and if he will remember what Metatron did  and said to control him.  The boys break ups never lasts too long so I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

I will also be judging how Sam handles what Dean did and what Dean said when he left him.  Dean would have gotten angry, stormed off, and then gone and found Sam again and done whatever it took to make sure that he was OK.  Will Sam walk away and leave Dean to his depression?  They are obviously back together by the next episode, but I wonder who initiated that contact.

Now to address the Crowley/Abaddon dynamic. All I will say is Crowley will crush her and I will enjoy watching every second.  Anyone that says otherwise is selling something.

I also enjoyed this graphic:


This season is such a huge improvement over season 8 that it makes me super excited to see what is coming next and I can’t even express how excited I am to see that Tahmoh Penikett looks like he is going to be back for a while.  I loved him on Dollhouse (and Smallville) and am excited to see what he brings to Gadreel.  I know we are going to be introduced to Cain (as in Cain and Able) this season AND they are planning a spin off around episode 20 (which makes me half excited and half apprehensive).  I think we are going to keep seeing this season get better and things are always better when Crowley is helping them out.

Is it Tuesday yet?

Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business

Supernatural is one of my favorite shows (OK so I have about 10 shows I could say that about, but I can’t help that I become obsessed with so many things!)  Last year at Dragon Con I did a thrown together cosplay of Sam all by myself and had a total of 1 person know who I was (he was dressed as Cas so that helped).  This year I wanted to do it up right and instead of doing straightforward rule #63 changes I decided to mix it up even more with a steampunk slant.  I peer pressured my brother and his friend to be the Dean and Castiel to my Sam.  Here are the results:

(all photos by Malland Photography)

costumes (87)

Sam and Dean

costumes (60)


What do you think?

Here are some more to help you make up your mind:

costumes (54)

This is my favorite of my Sam

costumes (65)

That leather corset was a pain to make, but I’m pretty jealous she gets to wear it

costumes (64)

costumes (82)

So what do think?  Do you have suggestions?  After all we have 7 more days so I’m sure I could whip up something 🙂

While you’re thinking I’ll leave you with some Destiel love:

costumes (85)

Review of Season 8 “Supernatural” finale “Sacrifice”

I am a hardcore fan of “Supernatural .” I’ve watched all seasons numerous times and heaven help you if I find out you’ve never seen this show because I will seriously hound you until you become as addicted as I am.  So when I say that season Gr8 of “Supernatural” (as it has been dubbed) hasn’t always lived up to the hype know that it is hard for me to say. However the episodes from “LARP and the Real Girl” (who doesn’t love Felicia Day?) to the finale episode “Sacrifice”  went a long way to redeem the season.  These episodes got the brothers back on track to what they needed to be doing which is of course supporting each other with an insane amount of trust and devotion while risking everything  to save people’s lives.

Last week’s episode “Clip Show” ended with Crowley (Mark Sheppard) threatening to undo all the good that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) had ever accomplished unless they gave up the Trials to close the gates of Hell.  The viewer was left to wonder how they will get out of this quandary.  The Trials are killing Sam, but if the gates of Hell can be closed then Crowley can’t hurt anyone.  However, who will they lose before they can complete the third trial.

This looked to be a way out for the boys.  There is no way that they would be able to close the gates of Hell.  If they did there would be very few bad guys left and people need Hell.  There was also a ton of foreshadowing in “The Great Escapist” a few weeks ago if you knew what to look for.  I talk about that more here.

“Sacrifice” doesn’t feel rushed at the beginning of the episode, but a lot definitely happens in the first half of the show.  The boys save Sherriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), who we haven’t seen much since Bobby Singer  (Jim Beaver) died, from Crowley by coming to an agreement to end the trials and give up the demon tablet.  They have a meeting with Crowley at Bobby’s place and Dean manages to pack so much emotion into his face in those few moments looking around at the shells of cars that all the pain the boys felt over losing their father figure come rushing back.  The boys look defeated.  Trapped.  They have to give up to save everyone.  Right?

Well Crowley should have realized by now that nobody puts Dean in a corner.

The boys always do their best when all seems hopeless and they prove it again by tricking Crowley int a pair of Devil’s Trap cuffs.  I love that Crowley thought that he could intimidate Dean by punching him and the look on Crowley’s face when Dean punched him back was great.  This is what I have loved about the second half of the season.  The boys are working together.

Sam and Dean seem to have taken all the precautions this time around.  Crowley’s chained up in an abandoned church with devil traps everywhere and it looks like they will actually pull it off.  The third trial: curing a demon.  They are going to win and will bring Crowley to his knees.  So of course enter Castiel (Misha Collins) stage left.

I’m actually really excited that Cas actually came to Dean for help.  He’s been working with Metatron  (Curtis Armstrong) in the subplot since “Clip Show” which has seemed off from the get-go.  He just seems like a creeper.  You know that one teacher or professor that you had that you never went to during office hours no matter how confused you were in class.  That’s Metatron.  Just off.  Even though Castiel should have run Metatron’s plan past Dean after all the horrible decisions he’s made in the past (Purgatory, Leviathan, Naomi) at least they were able to stop everything on Sam’s end before he died.  Poor Castiel is so confused though and just wants to fix his mistakes so of course keeps making a bigger mess.

Dean, of course, goes off to help Castiel with Metatron’s plan leaving Sam to take care of Crowley alone.  Sam who is having trouble walking and looks like death.  In charge of the King of Hell.  Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

While Dean and Cas are trying to figure out what they need to do Naomi  (Amanda Tapping) tries to redeem herself by giving Dean and Cas a heads up that Metatron is lying and that Sam will die if he completes the trials  (which really?? Of course Sam is going to die).  Not that it saved her (although I don’t know that a spike to the brain would kill an angel so she might show up again next season).

It did allow Dean to stop Sam before he cured Crowley which would have ended in Sam’s death.  My only grief here is that obviously Sam was going to die.  I can’t believe that Dean just gave his “we got this ” speech now!

Now about that speech.  It was what I have been waiting for all season.  Dean finally told Sam how much he depends on him and how much he loves his little brother.  Sam has always just wanted to be good enough to make Dean proud and Dean usually only expresses those feelings when Sam is dead (making it kind of hard for Sam to know about them).  The feels in the last few minutes were overwhelming.  I was crying and my heart hurt with love for the boys.

The episode ended with Crowley chained up begging for forgiveness, Sam collapsed and in really bad shape and all the angels cast down to earth stripped of their graces.

“Sacrifice” was about so many other sacrifices than the ones I expected.  This whole season has really been about sacrifice.  Sam sacrificed his dream of redeeming himself through the trials.  I really felt his pain in giving up this dream and his confusion when Dean told him to stop before he died.  He sacrificed his life with Amelia (Liane Balaban) that he had been able to carve out while Dean was in Purgatory.

Dean sacrificed control over the trials.  He sacrificed his friendship with Benny (Ty Olsson) who I personally wanted to see more of.  He sacrificed any normalcy years ago.  Castiel sacrificed his grace.  Well really it was stolen, but he lost it while trying to correct all his mistakes.  Kevin (Osric Chau), who by the way is one of my favorite character ever, sacrificed his amazing, if albeit pressure filled, life. He lost his mother, his friends,  his girlfriend and all chances of his Ivy League education.

“Sacrifice” was great and had all the things a season finale needs: love, pain, humor and a cliffhanger.  There are so many things that were left unanswered that will hopefully be covered next season.  Can Dean finish the exorcism on Crowley there by curing him, but not finishing the trial?  Why didn’t Sam look for Dean while he was in Purgatory?  Season 9 can’t get here soon enough.  What are your thoughts or predictions?