Supernatural: Thin Lizzie Has [SPOILER] Lost their Soul?

OK even I have a strange fascination about the Lizzie Borden case so I was really interested in this episode when I saw the previews and it did not disappoint.


Right out the gate the about-to-be-dead guy mentions how the Ghostfacers can’t capture the rage in the house. Come on– the Ghostfacers are the best and it makes me happy that they are still relevant in the Supernatural Universe. Then of course him and his girlfriend got an ax to the back.

Stay the night with Lizzie Borden and the Winchesters.

The Lizzie Borden house

The house in general was a great backdrop for this episode. It had all the macabre elements that those kind of places have plus the creepy, too personal, feel of a bed a breakfast. Turns out though that all the flickering lights, strange sounds, EMF readings and all of that were staged by the owners to make guests scared/excited about the possibilities of a haunting.

What would be better than Lizzie Borden’s house? The Winchester House. I have always wondered why they haven’t done an episode focused on that house or at least mentioned it at some point. Of course maybe they don’t have working squeezy things on their perfume bottles and that’s why.

The episode moves on and Dean sees a creepy dude taking pictures outside and then overnight the owner got hacked to death too. Leading them to go interview said creepy dude. On their way to interview him though the cops call and tell Sam that there has been another victim. So the boys split up.

Odd behavior from interviewees 

Sam interviews the newest victim’s family (and babysitter) and the wife of the victim acts very very strangely– like she doesn’t care at all that her husband was just found on the driveway chopped up. Odd right?

Well then Dean interviews Len, who may be the best new character we’ve seen this season, and we find out that Len has recently met Amara and she most definitely sucked out his soul. This explains a few things and Dean finds out that Amara is aging super quickly.

Dean throws Len in the car with him because he knows that soulless people usually end up in a bad way. Len is showing an odd amount of compassion though for a soulless individual.

Dean can’t bring himself to break the news to Len though and tries to get Sam to do it (and seems sad that he doesn’t have an excuse to kill Len– which seems odd to me). Sams stalls at breaking the news though. . .so Dean does it.

Seriously though Len is the best thing about this episode

Don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s. . .oh wait

So the babysitter ends up being the bad guy here. Well– she seems like she was a nice girl until Amara sucked her soul out. We still haven’t figured out Amara’s end game and although she’s filling up on souls all over she could be doing much worse damage if she wanted to. Is there a reason she’s pacing herself? Is her growth limited or is she playing a bigger game?

The babysitter gave her evil speech which ends in her saying that she wants to take care of her murder victim’s son and says Sam and Dean are going to be sacrifices to Amara— who she’s contacting through “prayer”. My thoughts on this are: Does she feel the connection that Dean has to Amara? Is that why she doesn’t kill him? Why does she want to care for the boy? They talk all about how Len isn’t acting like someone who lost his soul completely, but why would she care about the well being of some kid. I would think a truly soulless person would kill the kid too.

We never find out though because Len buries an ax in her back, but with her dying breath she says, “The Darkness is coming. It’s so peaceful. It’s coming for all of us.” What if the Darkness is just life without a soul? A life without feelings or concerns.

Len turns himself in

Wait, what? Len ripped his thumb off out of curiosity to see if he could do it to get out of the cuffs and then went in and saved the day for Sam and Dean. Not because he felt obligated to help, but just because he could. He knows that he’s going to become a bad guy eventually and doesn’t want to hurt someone. But here’s the thing. He turns himself in so that way he’ll be locked away for crimes he didn’t commit, but won’t be able to hurt other people. What about the inmates though? Some of them may deserve getting murdered by a soulless person, but I’m sure there’s also people in there that just made a few mistakes, or can’t cope with the real world. I just find it slightly flawed that Sam and Dean were so cool with this option. Why not just admit to the final murder and ask for help/therapy? Maybe commit yourself to an institution?

What kind of person can murder and feel nothing?

Dean. Dean is that kind of person right now. Len asks that question, but Dean has been had to be corrected numerous times by Sam who has reminded him that he’s there to save innocents not kill people. Did Amara take Dean’s soul too and he just doesn’t remember that? Does he know and he’s keeping it from Sam? Something just feels off about Dean and I wonder if Amara’s coming took away an important part of Dean. Len says, “I remember what it was like to do the right thing so I’m going through the motions for as long as I can,” and that seems to me to be exactly what Dean is doing right now.

Can Dean feel Amara?

He seems to look right in the woods where Amara is hiding when he and Sam pull away. Does he feel her presence? Of course something is up with her– I just wonder which way they are going to take it.

Well goodbye Len– I’ll miss you. You were like Castiel with your cluelessness, but without the desire to do good.

Supernatural: The Bad Seed– Is Crowley in Danger?

Last week I was in Florida nerding it up to some Harry Potter and never got the chance to do a review, but I want to touch on just a couple of things before moving on to this week’s episode. First off– it’s super handy that Amara has revealed that she’s going to age super quick. Making it more of an option for Dean to kill/have sex with her than before. I’m glad also that Castiel seems to have killed another chunk of Angels and I hope that’s the end of the Angel storyline for a while. Angel politics are boring (unless Chuck comes back). Sam handily found the cure to the disease that the Darkness brought with her right before he died. FYI as a general rule– don’t do what makes sense when you’re sick out of your mind with some kind of evil disease. Yeah it worked well for Sam, but I’m going to say that’s probably always a bad idea. You’re probably just going to burn your face off– not somehow cure your body by just getting a fire really close to your skin. (No burn or anything huh?).

OK now on to this week and the introduction of the. . .MEGA COVEN! I love that she kept trying to make that work and I totally see how she lost her place in the Grand Coven. It was also very satisfying to see her face when she found out that Crowley was still alive (what’s up with villains leaving the scene before the important death has happened?) The Book of the Damned is the only thing really that she has going for her.

Next we have some flash backs and moody moments from Team Winchester while they are trying to figure out how to both destroy the Darkness and fix Castiel. I’m really unhappy they brought up Metatron again– I’d like him to finally die for good any day now. Castiel has now begun having scary seizures which bodes well right?

I have missed Castiel’s clueless, yet technically true, statements.

Dean for some reason keeps calling Crowley too to get help from him. I’m not sure why he thinks that Crowley would be looking to help him in any way since last time they were hanging out Dean stabbed him through the hand with an Angel Blade.

At least Crowley is acting like normal again and Sam hasn’t forgotten that he’s 100% still a bad guy.

Amara is beginning to show Crowley how scary she really is. She’s totally using Crowley for her feast of souls and access to his power. I have a feeling that next week Crowley will be running to the boys trying to get help to imprison her again. She runs through an insane number of souls feeding at an increasing rate and we see Crowley trying to slow her feeding down towards the end of the episode. That doesn’t seem like that’s going to go so well for him.

Creepy little kids are the worst.

I’m also going to take a moment to mention the Angel/Demon drinks after work date. This also seems super strange to me and kind of random, but I’m assuming that this will be important since they too the time to put this in. Will the regular demons and minor Angels revolt? Will they be the ones to fix this mess?

I really enjoyed this episode, but there was all kinds of crap going on in this episode. We’ve had major plot development, work towards fixing the big problems in this season (Castiel, Rowena, AND Amara), and then they also throw in a “monster of the week” feel with the interrogation of the last witch from Rowena’s lunch date. It was pretty easy for them to get her to work with them, but I have a feeling she’s not a huge Rowena fan anyway. This image though wraps up everything that I love about when the boys actually work together.

Winchesters Co-ordination…

Such coordination.

And of course Dean’s snark was great to see too– I hate it when they are fighting or when Dean starts taking things too seriously. I mean we need his witty comments even when things are serious.

The info they get from this witch though allows them to track down Rowena and take her back to the bunker (are they not concerned with people learning where it is?). Before they start to break her down though they realize that Castiel is gone and since last time they saw him he was 8 shades of crazy they load her up and take her on a road trip to find their missing Angel.

Conveniently they find Castiel right before he kills an innocent girl, but he has lost control so he punches Dean a good bit before they get him under control. This was very reminiscent of when the Angels had brainwashed Castiel and had made him kill Dean over and over again. Was that just a flashback of that situation and Castiel was reliving it? He was pretty out of it, but for some reason Rowena lifted the curse and then fled. Yes I know Sam had a gun on her, but she managed to get away pretty easily and quickly so I’m just surprised she let them keep her prisoner and didn’t break away as soon as they walked into that warehouse.

Dean’s face looked like it hurt though

I know it’s makeup, but ouch that looks like it hurts.

So we end this episode with a cured Castiel, but a guilty feeling Angel. A scary preteen Amara who is consuming the souls of everyone she can. An MIA Rowena and a scared looking Crowley. Will Amara eat Crowley? That’d probably give her a ton of power or at least be the equivalent of Thanksgiving Dinner for her. What will happen when she gets a hold of an Angel?

Sam and Dean seem to be working together well with minimum secrets (although there are still some because they never learn), Crowley I’m worried for and Amara I’m scared of. So all in all this is going to be a very interesting season if it continues this way.