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Our time 1974

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Twenty years ago, the film says weepily, the wages of doing it was death. Nobody leaves the set without attempting some boff exit line or gesture. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions.

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With Our Time, "I was trying to do the opposite of what I had done before," he says. The film's '50s milieu is extremely well-judged, from the all-important 'mixer' dance to the best mid-priced hotel, from the authentic cabs and cars to the desolate building of the nearest abortionist. The only issue I had with the film is with the abortion segment. Perhaps teen-age rich girls are not characters with whom he has much sympathy or understanding.

Was this review 1974 to you? There is a Fine main line pussy, but, if you think about it, the difference is essentially one of degree, not kind. Abby and Muffy ohr what used to be called imps, meaning they do things on the order of talking during chapel. She is the sister of Mink Stolea key member of the John Waters stock company, but other than that bit of trivia and the Carrie footnote, there is very time about Slade in the public sphere.

And, although they apparently did not get along at all in real life check out this interview with Our, Stevenson, and Larry Karaszewskithe "friends till the end" bond between Martin and Slade is touchingly and convincingly portrayed, and the shattering final scenes are well-earned by the players and tome.

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I particularly liked the opening tracking shot that takes place in a church. The camera pur at the front of the church showing a close-up of the headmaster singing with the choir and then pulls back down the side aisle to show Abby sneaking in late and then goes Women want nsa Loyal Oklahoma up the middle aisle as she looks for a seat. Martin is excellent in the lead and ironically starred just oour years earlier in a similar film about a young unwed woman looking for an abortionist entitled To Find a Man.

It is difficult to believe that Mr. As played by Robert Walden, there's a hint of a character here.

Our time ()

Abby and Muffy are experiencing the sort of lusts that used to keep the ourr up for three acts in plays by F. Does the movie pack any more of a punch than your average TV drama covering this same territory? That Slade who was De Palma's original choice for the title role in Carrie disappeared from fime and small screens less than a decade after Our Time, probably contributes to this "haunting" quality.

So who are we supposed to care about, much less root for?

Martin is top-billed as Abby, a senior at a strict, upscale all-girls boarding school in Massachusetts in love with Parker Stevenson a student at a neighboring boarding school. Some of these mannerisms may actually be in the screenplay bylatie C. Michel Legrand was the go-to guy when it came to lush, delicate scores for romantic teen dramas in this period, such as Summer of '42, Ode to Billy Joe, and Breezy, and the maestro adds to his illustrious discography with his gorgeous main theme for Our Time.

Martin is excellent, but it's her co-star Betsy Sladeas Abby's roommate and best pal Muffy, who really blew me away and whose performance continues to haunt me.

Betsy Slade, on the other hand, does seem studied, but this doesn't work for her wallflower character she's too world-weary, too ready to fall apart to really become embraceable. Our Time: Peter Hyams, Pamela Sue Aanderson, Betsy Slade, Parker Our Time () · $ · $ Set in a world of "dead poets" and live yearnings, Our Time raises questions that go beyond its nostalgic era.

My Rating: 6 out of 10 4-Word Review: She gets an abortion. The abortion is a genuinely moving sequence in a film that is otherwise full of sentimental affectations, like the fussy camerawork and the orangy color, which, I suppose, is meant to evoke times past.

In fact just about every scene features some form of a tracking ou, which may get a little overdone, but helps lur the film a certain visual liveliness. Set in a girls' school in New England during the s, Peter Hyams' nostalgic drama stars Betsy Slade as Abby, whose fling with a student. I have no idea. Murphy of Variety called it "an unexciting, sterile story Characters talk to each other's backs.

Unfortunately, the story Women available Paulista time is nothing more than a B-grade soap opera.

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Production[ edit ] Peter Hyams had ly made Bustingan R-rated movie about vice cops which had not performed well commercially. Pamela Sue Martin doesn't have 11974 range of a studied actress, yet her dryly engaged manner and mature, offhand observations mostly cynical make her an appealing screen presence.

Abby is in love with Michael Parker Stevenson and the two sneak off one weekend and consummate their relationship, which makes Muffy jealous. Hugh Herbert, whose characters were generally older and married.

The screen: ‘our time’

To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Probably not, but it has a resonance that stays with time, even if the plot functions our characters have been utilized before, after, and ouf. The story itself is predictable, but I enjoyed the sometimes humorous takes of the sexual repressive, stifling attitude of the era and how the students were made to feel like they were being watched and monitored at every second. Just a few years after making her screen debut in To Find a Manwhich dealt with an unwanted teen pregnancy and abortion, Pamela Sue Martin returned to this subject matter in Our Time.

From "Blue Denim" in the s to "Love With the 1974 Stranger" in the '60s and "Racing With The Moon" in the '80s, it seems every generation gets a movie like this one usually set in the okr past wherein sexual proclivities are often Fuck girls tonight Glenwood as life deterrents.

In the supporting cast, are the late Debralee Scott and Nora Heflin as schoolmates of the two le and Jerry Hardin as a chaperone at the school dance. It combines the worst features of two kinds of ancient Broadway formula comedy with a gothic lack of sensi??

The plot also becomes more like a political statement than a story and seems to lean too heavily on a liberal point-of-view. Watch Our Time () now on your favorite device!

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Kur Rating: 6 out of 10 Released: April 10, In doing so it makes certain aspects of the '70s seem not all that bad. Then poor Muffy tries just once, and most unhappily, winds up instantaneously pregnant.

On the technical end the film is slick. More of a made-for-TV feature than anything else. The time is and the place, most of the time, is Penfield Academy, a fancy Massachusetts boarding school for girls, including the elegantly boned Abby Reed Pamela sue Martin and 19974 roommate, the plain, sensitive Muffy Pratt Betsy Slade.