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Hotwife party

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Seeking Pboobiesionate Lady for Special Friendship Hi, I am a black male, professional (lawyer), 6' tall, a husky boy at about 235 lesbian.

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Id love to come sometime I'm in if your looking for a younger male. Sounds like fun We're fine organising and getting an event setup. aprty

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I would love to. Also, we know there are others who would be interested in this situation as well, even if no one has explicitly expressed interest.

Sounds fun. Singles and couples. Sounds so fun! My wife loves the attention I'm in too.

Hotwife party - a multiple partner m m f m m romance novella

We would be very interested in a party like this! I'm totally down to have some fun pleasing the ladies!

Bi college stud, hot wife and hot husband plz would love to be involve just say when Interested I would love to parth and playlet me know--George We would be very interested. Our place is fairly small. I'm in!

Its something of a begginers gangbang. Let me know 1.

Can a husband face the reality - when his innermost fantasy of watching his wife with another man comes true? Message me at blondbeauty7 on kik.

Jasa and Stella have an enviably active bedroom life. In their mid-thirties, the perfectly matched couple have explored some of their naughtiest fantasies with each other but have fallen short hootwife fulfilling their dream fantasy - sharing Stella with another man.

We would judt need another ciuple perfered that can host. The wife and a would love to cum.

Kik if interested webcam. Hmmm yes could be interesting I am looking to play--count me in I'd be interested We too have been interested in attending a hotwife party.

A Hotwife warning to husbands - be careful what you wish for! The goal was to have 4 guys to 1 girl ratio.

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Plus me and hubby participating specificly me lol being one of the hotwives. We are interested too. But when sparks of sexual interest start flying between Stella and the four men, it quickly becomes apparent to the trusting husband that his open minded and gorgeous wife was taking him into a journey where there will be no turning back! Could someone direct us to such happenings if they know about them? They were allowed to the party through invite only so I assume the hosts had some screening process.

Swingers forum - hotwife party

I'm in Let us know if it happens. So is this hotwie that is going to happen? If you guys are really interested message us and lets see if we can get something going.

Very interested. Post Next Post 1 So, I was reading a story on Reddit about a couple who attended a "hotwife party" where the single males were invited to with couples. This 20, word sizzling hot novel features wife watching, wife sharing and a husband watching his wife explore their innermost fantasies!. And so when four young men rent a house near the golf course run by Jase pparty Stella, a world of opportunities is suddenly opened up!

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I would to as well, let me know when and where Very interested let's us know Interested keep me posted I am down!! Kik is worm If this becomes a thing, let us know.

Keep us posted. We haven't seen anything like this around here, but would be interested in attending one.

We would love something like that!