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I play softball every monday. I'm not going to write much more as I believe in 'speaking to a live person' in order to get to know one another. 2 blondies, lookin fer some fun ;) w4m looking jearted someone to help me feel real goodwhen my hunk cant be around i am very honest and to the point. Any Ladys like a Guy with a m4w Any Ladys like a Guy with a real small one. Heartee corny but it's true.

Age: 30
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: Look For Men
City: Dows
Hair: Brunette
Relation Type: After Free Married Women Springfield Concert

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He wants to show me the world.

Danny always values my opinion and will always respond with honesty. Every day is a new adventure.

Ever since Danny became a ificant person in my life, he opened up a whole new world. Today I shared a photo of Danny giving platelets at one of heatted donation centres in Manchester.

One of the biggest hearts who was taken too soon. Share this:.

Danny never stops showing me the importance of happiness. He is everything and more.

With grandad, it was always about being yourself and seeing how you grow as a person. No hsarted knew where he came from He never knew himself Called her ma, called him pa But he was born to someone else No one fooled or messed him hearted 'cause they were man afraid Ain't no lies, heaeted in the eyes of Leroy Kincaid One time lover, hearteed in his hand Cold hearted man And you can't trust nothing you don't understand Cold hearted man, cold hearted man Like a snake, he had no friends He didn't need no one Hurt his pride deep inside He was another mother's son Reputation.

Throughout all that he is, the thing I love the most is how true he is to himself.

For all that he is and everything he continues to thrive for, is what makes me love him more and more each passing day. Together we make the perfect pair because we reach our goals together. He did anything and everything he could.

He is the most kind-hearted man on earth. If somebody is in need, he does his damnedest to help in any way he can. But I believe in ways, the lessons I learnt from him helped me to mature into the woman I am today.

The kind-hearted man he is and moreā€¦ I love his determination to always thrive for bigger and better things. I used to wonder if I would ever meet anyone as generous and kind-hearted as my grandad. He always wants to make a difference.

And he is handsome inside and out. But no, I was wrong. To have a man who reminds you of so many things and gives you more than you ever thought the future could hold feels amazing. Surely not?