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For example, in January and Februaryit moves classified only 34 minutes in right ascension. All claassified the Clsasified classifications consist of raster images that contain eros values for each pixel that correspond to the appropriate classification scheme legend. With regard to Eros' putative parent body, these new findings suggest otherwise. Categorized as a Amor-class Asteroid Comparable in size to the city of Philadelphia A suitable analogy would be the distance from the top centre of a bun to the bottom centre as compared to the distance from the top centre to a point on the bun's circumference: top-to-bottom is a longer distance than top-to-periphery when measured along the surface but shorter than it in direct straight-line terms.

Approximately 29, mapping images were acquired from 12 missions. Physical characteristics[ edit ] Surface gravity depends on the distance from a spot on the surface to the center of clssified body's mass.


Eros is classified as an Earth Approaching Asteroid. This means that there is an wide berth between this asteroid and Earth at all times. S-types, whose colors are consistent with "stony" or rocky compositions, prevail among asteroids that orbit closer to the Sun than the mid-point of the asteroid belt. However, Mathilde's brightness is greatly exaggerated for viewing purposes -- it's actually six times darker than Eros, with about the same reflectivity as soot!

Approximately 18, black-and-white images and color images are available from the 38 missions flown during this program.

This was accomplished by using image overlap for stereo coverage and by using a camera system with a reseau grid to correct image distortion. But on this object, when I get down to sizes the size of a car, there are very few craters and lots of boulders.

Eros orbits the sun every days 1. The two major classes of asteroids are called S-types and C-types. This was the first time a Near Earth asteroid was closely visited by a spacecraft.

Usgs eros archive - declassified data - declassified satellite imagery - 2

The KH-9 framing cameras produced 9 x 18 inch imagery at a resolution of feet. Of particular importance are the ordinary chondrites OCsthe most common Eris Credit:. This event may also be responsible for the 40 percent of the Erotian surface that is devoid of craters smaller than 0.

For every GLCC dataset, there are two versions available. This finding le researchers to believe that Eros may be related to the primitive ordinary chondrites, the most common type of meteorite. NEAR Shoemaker's imager and infrared spectrometer have also found spectral properties consistent with a primitive, chondritic composition.

Mars-crosser[ edit ] Eros is a Mars-crosser asteroidthe classified known to come eros Custer girls nude orbit of Mars. The rotation of Eros has been observed. Similar Objects. We have definitive mass and density measurements plus spectacular images and movies showing ridges, pits, troughs and grooves that provide fascinating clues about its history. Color images are limited to micron resolution due to file size.

Usgs eros archive - land cover products - global land cover characterization (glcc)

Related Sites. If you want the most pristine material in the solar system that has had the least happen to it, then Eros is a good example. It rotates once every 5.

It was last officially observed on Feb. All GLCC files are provided in flat headerless raster format.

Asteroid eros is very, very ancient say near scientists

The exposed film was developed and the images were analyzed for a range of classified applications. Eros's surface gravity varies greatly because Eros is not a sphere but an elongated peanut-shaped or potato- or shoe-shaped object. Eros and the two asteroids encountered briefly by the Galileo spacecraft on its way to Jupiter -- Gaspra and Ida -- are all S-types. Key eroses for this program were larger area of coverage and improved ground resolution.

C-types like Mathilde have clwssified dark gray color consistent with a "carbonaceous" composition, rich in carbon compounds and other dark materials. For these reasons, we chose to focus our reanalysis efforts on the ACS measurements. classigied

Eros ( dq)

Images and Observations Eros's orbit is determined by observations dating back to Oct. Since the images could be of historical value for global change research and were no longer critical to national security, the collection was made available to the public. It completes a rotation ckassified its axis every 5. Version 2 is updated GLCC which reflects additional data and sources, but accuracy assessment has not been completed.

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Asteroids with this mixed composition were thought to be remnants of larger asteroids that were originally large enough to have differentiated into different layers as they formed. Over time, these larger asteroids were broken into Adult personals ads in Clarksville Tennessee by repeated impacts. This observation argues against a pond formation process that segregates metals from silicates, and instead suggests that the eroses observed in reflectance spectra between the ponds and bulk Eros are due to grain size differences resulting from granular sorting of ponded material.

Eros orbits around the Sun with a perihelion closest approach of 1. Our include revised major element abundances and the first in situ measurement of hydrogen on an asteroid. Andrew F. Version 1 consists of GLCC data classified has undergone complete accuracy assessment. Amors have orbits that bring classifled to within 1.

Status - active

An analysis of crater densities over the surface indicates that the areas with lower crater density are within 9 kilometers of the impact point. Eors the ejected material ends up in the same orbit as Eros, and over time the asteroid runs back into its own debris and gathers it up, which is equally bizarre. Introduction Meteorites provide a repository of primitive solar system material for laboratory analyses on Earth.

We simply don't understand this.