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Many STDs show no s or symptoms; this is why it is important to be tested regularly. Should I Be Tested?

Your freedom is at stake if you are convicted of a sex offense

This means not engaging in vaginal, oral, or anal sex. If your partner says they have been tested, there is no way to verify what they say. But if left untreated many STDs can cause damage, which is sometimes permanent. Talk to eriie doctor and begin a treatment plan.

They may have a variety of motives to lie or exaggerate. Some STDs are curable with antibiotics or other treatment methods.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys help you fight sex crime charges in erie, pennsylvania

Even if you had sex but have no s or symptoms, you could still have an Eriw and you can still transmit it to your partner s. Published October 2, If you are engaging in sex or sex-like activity, you are at risk for a sexually transmitted disease.

Getting tested for STDs is easy and harmless; call us today for confidential help and support. We are here to offer help and hope. If you have engaged in sex or sex-like sdx with someone who is infected with an STD you should seek testing immediately and stop all sexual contact.

Sexual health

You are at risk any time you pz in sex or sex-like activity with a partner s. Practice Areas. Sexual Health Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Your Body Any time a person engages in sex or sex-like activity with a partner, there is a chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease STD.

This is why testing and early detection is important. If you are engaging in sex, abstinence is the only way to ensure against contracting an STD. Anyone, no matter your age, who is engaged or has been engaged in sex or sex-like activity with a partner s should be tested.

Do not engage in sex or sex-like activity because it is transmittable. Retrieved June 8, There is help, hope, and healing after an STD. Army trial counsel in Iraq.

Now is the time to protect your rights and to begin to build your defense. Here are just a few of our credentials: Former assistant district attorney. We can refer you to STD testing in your area and give you guidance and support no matter your test result.

Sex offender registration requirements include: Statewide Registry of Sexual Offenders. Some of the longest sentences handed down by Pennsylvania criminal court judges are for convicted sex offenders. Condoms and other barrier methods may help reduce the risk of contracting an STD, but these methods are only risk reduction, not risk elimination.

You Can Face Other Negative Consequences for a Sex Crime Conviction in PA In addition to subjected the offender to ificant prison time, many sex offenses also require sex offender counseling and timely sex offender registration upon parole for 15 years, 25 years, or even for the rest of your lifetime. People can and do lie about their STD status or sexual history. Statutory maximum sentences can be up to 20 years Felony 110 years Felony 27 years Felony 3or 5 years Misdemeanor 1.

Getting to know your partner before engaging in sexual ere will not prevent them from lying to you about their sexual health. Former U. Published August 1, Condoms and other barrier methods are risk reduction, not risk elimination.

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Call us today to talk with a peer counselor confidentially, without shame or judgment. If a person has erje in sex or sex-like activity, they are at risk for a sexually transmitted disease. Many STDs are curable if they are caught early and have no long-term effects. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Data and Statistics.