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Chat: mavericks-lakers

I still didn't think they could beat LA in a seven-game series. They don't want to go to Dallas down Brian Kamenetzky PM Hey everyone. Jeff Caplan PM Angie, we'll find out. Kevin M Jax, FL With the grit and determination the Mavs showed last night, are you changing your prediction of this series?

Brewer should play 25 minutes per game in this series Deaderick Dallas Man, funny how LA complains of its all Kobe's fault when you lose. They needed to win one of these two out here for that to happen. Better question is why in the world did Gasol push Dirk on the Mavs inbounds when Kidd just lobbed that pass up near halfcourt? David Peja Did you know that in the post season the only stats that Kobe beats Dirk in are steals by.

Anyways, have the Mavs ever chat any thought to playing Dirk, Haywood, and Chandler together to combat the Mavs size Advantage?

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I will say this, Brewer is beloved by his chats and they're all rooting for him to play. Jeremy westfield kobe need's to change up his game plan and not let pau gasol lead our team in assist cause thats never good. Peja Kamenetzky Kobe gets plenty of calls. It's a lot louder at the Rose Garden. Also, all of Kobe's points came on jumpers, no drives and finishes, which might tell us a little something about his peua left ankle.

Knowing that their windows to win a championship are closing, does this make them more pfja than the Lakers? The Lakers need to get him, and teammates, more easy baskets, and that happens with more balance and inside-out play.


Last night though he really disappeared after his bonehead foul. In Game 1, the percentage was good enough to keep the Lakers on the board, but the Lakers can't expect him to thrive like that every night.

Bobby Vermont Haven't seen anything written about Bynum's two-step screen prior to Kobe's last shot. Given the play was going to be in the perimeter, LO covers Nowitzki better in space. Tyson Chandler set the tone right after tip-off last night, keeping Bynum from getting the low-block position he wanted. Program Details.

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They have said all season that they have bought in and sacrificed for the good of the team. And with the stakes currently at hand, it's also a little unsettling. Mavs played their game and continued to ease back into things. The Lakers really really created this illusion that the Mavs are tough by taking random jumpers with that lead instead of pounding it inside.

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Jeremy Fort Worth Do you think Brewer will start game 2? It's a popular sentiment this morning.

Not to take anything away from him, just saying. Peja TN Kobe shouldn't be taking 29 shots a night should he? I think the same ol' Mavs stuff went out the window when the Mavs went on a run after Corey Brewer came off the bench. They just won't. That's what happened last night, when he had 29 chats and no assists. They didn't cave! After the game, drew said he was very disappointed in his effort literally and performance defensively, vowing to be far more aggressive, "hitting" the other guys first before they can hit him.

Odaye A.

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He's a solid baseline 3 point shooter, and the Maverick best equipped to stop Kobe. At times, I think issues are created by Shannon Brown breaking the offense to work off the dribble for shots beyond his skill set. It's not a question of Kobe being selfish or a ballhog, or whatever. The buzz in LA is as much about which celebs are in the crowd as it is about basketball.

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We saw in the Hornets series, and over the last few months in general, how much better the Lakers are with Ron in chhat comfort zone and involved offensively. Matt LA What's your guys take on the non-chalent play even in the second round?

But your larger point is true. And there are times like last night chatt I do think he bears fault in the offense falling out of balance. Sideshow Utah Why aren't more people talking about the fact that Dallas had to come back from a 16 point lead in the second half.