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Caught in moms panties

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I stood in my room many times in her panties imaging how it would go and hoping she would walk in quickly while I was feeling so daring.

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She walked in slowly and stood just inside the doorway. I am sure I had Shreveport at food lion sweet panty dreams that evening but I can't recall for sure. It sounded like Mom was at the stove and would facing the entrance of her bedroom so she would have to see me. I suddenly felt paralyzed with fear and completely unable to get up the nerve up again to walk back into my room.

Walking back into my room meant that I would face the kitchen and perhaps see Mom looking back at me. You're jerking off to a picture of a pussy on your phone, with your mom's panties wrapped around your penis, but she walks into her bedroom. It was the best orgasm of life up to this point in my life and I had already been masturbating for 6 years at this point!

So concerned was I about getting caught, Pnties spent half of my time running back and forth to peek out the front room window to see if her car had pulled up. I heard her footsteps grow louder and knew that she was coming towards my room. Even if she were inclined to let me keep them, would she even know which panties to put back?

These were a little silkier than the others and made me feel so wonderfully aroused. A few long minutes passed and I began to allow myself the luxury of fantasizing.

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I was too scared to even think of trying that! Because these were so carefully plotted I had to make them look completely accidental, as if I didn't want to get caught.

No, I purposely wore her silkiest panties and if she were going to let me keep a pair then these would be the ones. Of course, I didn't get 'the talk' I was hoping for but maybe she was thinking of what to say as we sat there. After all, Mom never asked me to take her panties off.

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Sitting in front of Mom in daught panties, torturous though it was, was preferable to sitting in sinful shame for the rest of the evening. One would think I would be thrilled to just get away with it all on the sly and leave well enough alone. I didn't want to spend too long waiting for her to come in.

Faught would be taking my chances that Mom would walk in on me while I was asleep. Mom quickly pivoted and walked back out of the room and into the kitchen.

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This urge was almost as driven by my desire Women for sex in Germany talk about this peculiar fetish before it drove me crazy as by my delight in being a naughty panty boy. As I walked past Mom I could feel myself move around in her silky nylon briefs and this, in turn, caused a bulging hard on in the front of my jeans. At first, preparing for Mom to come home and practicing escape plans was a smart thing.

At a certain point when I was on the brink of orgasm and unable to turn back, there was nothing that was going to keep me from coming, no matter what. What if she didn't say anything at all to me about her panties, knowingly or unknowingly? No, if I masturbated in the bathroom, my fantasy would be over and I would be horrified at my actions.

At least a half hour went by before I bolted back and forth one more time. These two elements, fear and erotic pleasure, were coupled together and I spent almost as much time checking for Mom as I did lying on the bed and rubbing myself in ecstasy.

Gettng caught in mom's panties

Certainly, I would have to pass Mom several times throughout the course of the evening. Doing something so bold, so shocking, so terribly naughty drove many of my masturbation fantasies and I soon began imaging Mom seeing just at that heavenly moment when I was on the edge of coming. I froze in terror! Panties would certainly accomplish what I sought to do. Where would I hide her panties?

Then I took the fantasy a step further. If she did know, then why wasn't she coming back in my room to talk to me about it? Should I be wearing her bra slip and panties or would panties alone do?

Now that I was in her room though, I was scared to death! I had several opportunities a week to dress in her panties while she was out. I was too scared to say anything and froze in terror.

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I would let Mom walk in on me in my own bedroom while wearing a pair of her panties. Mons the rest of the day I decided I would sit on the couch with Mom and watch tv. There was no way I could make Mom walk in on me again but I could control what I did. I closed the door and pulled Free sexchat Rimmerslund my jeans cauvht look at the image in the mirror.

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I certainly didn't need to reach down and fondle myself to be this aroused. I got a little more aroused when I imagined Mom walking in on me, smiling and letting me continue to parade around in front of her in panties. I closed and locked the door, changed and came out, claiming to have 'taken a nap'.

More and more, I fantasized about Mom catching me. I was stuck! Should I just accept whatever she put there and let it go at that? I always felt a horrible sense of shame, humiliation and repulsion after I had masturbated.

My heart stopped cold!! The only time I ever did such a naughty thing was one day when I was sick in bed and she was on the phone for a while. I could never figure out what drove me to desire getting caught by Mom in her underwear. There was nothing I could do to make her re-enter my room.