Supernatural Review: Captives: Another Round of Feels Please.

This post is even later than usual because besides being a mom, a seamstress and going back to the office part time I’ve also decided to become a band manager on the side.  Cause I go to bars?  Or maybe because I’m good at telling other people what to do.  Yep.  That’d be it.  Now back to it:

There are really two stories going on here so we’ll talk about them one at a time.  Let’s talk about Kevin first. Maybe it was all the extra stuff I’ve taken on, but I was completely taken by surprise with Kevin coming back.  Not having time to Google spoilers was quite fantastic in this instance.  So this was me:


and I have stated how messed up I was when Kevin died so I was pretty happy we had some closure on this subject.  Well as much closure as we can have about Kevin still being dead and proving that he was right and they should have gone and looked for him mom sooner. Cause maybe if they’d listened to Kevin for once he would have been able to find his mom before he died. Just sayin’. 

I also see this whole episode as a reminder that Crowley is not good.  Yes he helps the boys out periodically, but he is still, at his core, the King of Hell.  Dean needs this reminder more than any of us right now. I have to say I find it interesting that the same person that was once destined to be Michael’s vessel now has the Mark of Cain and is leaving desperate messages on the King of Hell’s voice mail.  He even defended Crowley to Sam about keeping Mrs. Tran and the others captive (btw– what about the 3rd captive?!) 

Sam and Dean are still on rocky ground and I really think Sam needs to watch out because Dean is going to be faced with killing Sam.  At least that’s my theory.  This time around it won’t be for some noble reason like during the apocalypse.  I was actually kinda thinking that Dean was going to bust out with some new Mark of Cain power or strength when he was being held captive by Crowley’s lackey.  I’m biding my time though because there can’t be some big development like taking on the Mark of Cain without some repercussions and some rewards.  

Yes, they made contact with Kevin, saved Mrs. Tran, killed some low level demon (which way to go Mrs. Tran), and reunited Kevin with his mom until he can cross over (and inexplicably ignored the 3rd.)

So many feels all around and all that, but all my sappy emotions were overshadowed by Sam acting like a 5 year old.  Really Sam?  You can’t make any overtures to mend things between you and Dean?


And what is Sam’s response to the ghost of the person that he technically killed?


He stormed out of the room.  He’s so mature or I’ve never wanted to slap such a handsome man so much in my life.  One or the other.


Now on to Castiel.  We see Cas still on his mission to find Metatron and fix what he messed up.  I was kind of surprised with the speed he was captured by Bartholomew’s guys and I was also surprised that he didn’t have a spare Angel Blade hidden in his coat.  Honestly I was more invested in the Kevin storyline than the Cas one, but I feel like what happened with Cas is going to be really important.   I mean besides the fact that he killed the head evil Angel, he now has followers.  Will he be able to redeem himself after all the things he’s messed up? (Leviathan, killing a ton of Angel’s previously, and then closing Heaven to name a few).  I really hope so.  I love Cas and he is the hero that Heaven needs.  

I think that Cas now has the experience and the restraint to actually be the perfect leader for Heaven.  Using the show’s logic perhaps God was testing Cas this whole time, leading him to this moment.  In real life that’s a horrible idea, but in Supernatural world it makes me excited to see how much Cas has developed since his introduction years ago.


I’ll end this by answering a question that my little brother asked.  Or at least answering it according to Tumblr.  The pink and black iPod (knockoff) that Dean was jamming to at the end with his Beatz by Dre?  You remember that kinda odd random moment?  Tumblr people have theorized that that is Charlie’s iPod and that’s why it’s pink.  I can accept this logic.



The Stars are Falling

English: Portrait of Astro Scott Carpenter. Im...

English: Portrait of Astro Scott Carpenter. Image ID: S64-34357 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This isn’t my normal thing, but my mom wrote this and I wanted to share it. Enjoy:

The stars are falling, the heroes are dying. Last week we lost Scott Carpenter.
The space program, the cold war, the threat of a nuclear bomb, all of this was part of my childhood. Too young to really understand the true dangers, I focused on outer space, deciding that I would be an astronaut. It did not matter that I was a girl, after all, by the time I was old enough to join NASA, I reasoned that it would no longer be a boys-only club.
When John Glenn was set to be the first American to orbit the Earth, I walked in a straight line with my Oakwood Elementary classmates to the only classroom with a television set, so that we could watch him blast into space. The room was dark and crowded and the TV set was small. Our excitement was further dampened by delay after delay of the countdown, but it was space. It was new. It was exciting.
I eventually came to realize that I was drawn by the romance of space, not about how to actually get there. After reading books about Chuck Yeager and Jerrie Cobb, and about the rigorous requirements for the astronauts, I decided that the space program involved too much math and too many sit ups for me. But my giving up that that child’s dream of going to space did not make me give up my love for the adventure, and for those called to launch into the heavens. I cried when Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee died so horribly, and for other tragedies since then. And there were tears for Scott Carpenter.
Shepherd, Grissom, Glenn, Cooper, Carpenter, Schirra, Slayton, White, McDivitt, Borman, Lovell, Stafford, Young, Armstrong, Conrad….these and other names call my heart to attention.
When I heard Scott Carpenter’s name once again in the news, this song, a product of the era, came to mind. You might find it an odd choice, but listen all the way to the very end.