If “Frozen” Happened In The Real World


Let me preface this with that as far as Disney movies go I think this movie is good.  I didn’t get to go see it in the theaters because another family member took the kids so I saw this for the first time when I bought it on Amazon about a week ago.  Since then I’ve watched it approximately 13098538743029384 times.  OK I might be exaggerating, but it’s been a lot.  There are a few plot holes that I’ve had trouble getting past.

Oh, there’s a bunch of spoilers past this point, just FYI.

1.  OK so we are to believe that Elsa was locked away to learn to “conceal” her powers after Anna’s memory was wiped and although that’s a ridiculously horrible and poorly thought out plan I can buy that.  Crazy parents have done worse.  However, Anna was left to grow up alone and friendless.  THIS is where I have my first issue.  Anna would have been surrounded by daughters of princes, lords, etc. and there’s no way that the King and Queen could have cut all ties with all other royalty around without making some crazy enemies.  Besides the fact that they couldn’t get rid of all the other children that would have flocked around the royal family Anna and Elsa both would have had to have tutors in not only the basic educational needs, but also dance, music and people that would be teaching Elsa to one day be able to run a country.

2. So somehow even though Anna never had any interactions with the outside world she still managed to become a little less stupid version of Sansa Stark.  Like Sansa she entered the world ripe for corruption by those who would want to use her.  At least she didn’t have to see her dad’s head on a stake.


She did manage to be a bratty teenager that was so in love with falling in love that she grabbed the first guy that came across her path.  In true bratty teenager form she also pitched a fit in a very public forum when both her and Elsa should have been focusing on showing a united front on what had to be a very fragile kingdom.

Way to make a scene Elsa and Anna.  That crown is secure now right?

3. Speaking of a fragile kingdom, who ran everything between their parent’s death and Elsa’s coronation?  They went down in a shipwreck and we’re to believe that all trade and government just went on with both of the girls locked up in the castle?  Cause I’m sure that none of the townspeople would resent two over privileged princesses that never came out in public or took part in politics.  Russia and France proved that they loved their royalty that lived in their own world, out of touch with reality.  Oh wait.

4.  This kinda bleeds over from #3.  If there hadn’t been a Regent explicitly declared there would have been someone there manipulating their way into power. Think Cersei and Joffery.  Littlefinger and Sansa.  Or in the real world Henry the Eighth and all women.  This point bothers me more than all others.  There is no way either girl wouldn’t have been corrupted and manipulated from the moment their parents went down with the ship.

5.  OK last one– Anna might seriously have been married off to Hans.  Granted it wouldn’t have happened because Anna and Hans decided to, but in a calculated move to solidify the monarchy.  Of course the 13th son of a kingdom might not have the pull for that kind of marriage, but the argument that “you don’t marry someone you just met” is invalid.  Both Anna and Elsa could very possibly have ended up marrying someone they hadn’t met or even disliked (see Marie Antoinette, Henry the Eighth and pretty much every other monarch preceding current times).

Once again– I did enjoy the movie, but I can’t help but think that it would have made a much more interesting movie if some of these plot points had been addressed.

Pink Ariel Dress Tutorial

I had already planned on making my daughter a Cinderella gown for her 4th birthday and to take to Disneyland this Christmas, but then a friend of mine asked if I could make Ariel the Little Mermaid’s pink gown for her daughter for a Christmas present.  Evidently the pink one isn’t as readily available and Etsy has them for the low low price of $300.  So after some Googling I decided that I could alter my Cinderella pattern to be able to make both dresses at once.  And then of course decided that I couldn’t make just one pink satin dress and then, in my daughter’s eyes, get rid of it.   So here’s how I did it.  I tried to break it down  as simple as possible, but if you don’t understand something, just ask!


I used Simplicity Pattern 2817  and then just made adjustments to make it look like the Ariel dress. A 3 year old doesn’t need so much cleavage (or really any), but I do think that puffed sleeves and skirt volume is a must.  I used a costume pink satin and then used a stiffer white special occasion fabric to add body.  I added a crinoline to my daughter’s, but the one I sold didn’t have one so I wanted it to have enough shape to not look limp while she was playing in it.  I didn’t want to add tulle because although tulle is cute, it’s itchy and bunches.

I made the top just as it instructed, but I would recommend cutting the front piece on the fold of the fabric. I don’t understand why they want you to sew that together.  I did it with this dress, but not when I made the Cinderella one.Just keep in mind that you need to shift the pattern off the fold the length of the seam allowance or it will make the front bigger than the stated size.  Unless that’s what you’re going for. I also added interfacing down the back because I didn’t put in buttons, but eyelets and lace. Here’s photos of progress so far:

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I lined it in the stiffer white.  Lining is a lot cheaper, but like I said I wanted this to hold up and the pink satin wasn’t real sturdy. Also I top stitch everything that could ever possibly need it.  I think it looks neater and helps hold everything together.

Now we come to the part where I changed things.  I wanted puffed slashed sleeves so I used the sleeve pattern for the Snow White dress instead of the Cinderella sleeves.  That means a different sleeve and it also had an armband at the bottom of the puff.  Now I cut out 2 pink and 2 white.  You don’t really have to cut the white into the sleeve shape, I just found that easier to keep track of everything.  So what you do is you then cut all the sleeves into strips and sew the white strips in.  That makes sense right?  Well here are some visual explanations:

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I stack them all up and then cut them together so both sides match.  The thing to make sure is that it starts and ends in pink and that you keep the pink strips in order.  You will use ALL pink strips, but not all the white ones.  This method kinda wastes fabric, so if you have a better idea– DO IT!  OK once they are sewn together they will look kinda messy, but don’t worry, we’ll fix that.

The next step is to sew the pink sections together at the top and bottom leaving the space in the middle open.  Now it should look more like the original sleeve, but it will have white sections like Ariel.  Turn the sleeve over and trim and clean up the white.  Right here is when a serger comes in handy.  It cleaned up the area and cut off the white at the same time.  Here’s what you should have now:

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DO NOT ATTACH THE SLEEVES YET! Ariel has long sleeves so after I sewed the arm banding on the bottom of the sleeve I added a long pointed sleeve.  You can make this pattern but making the top as wide as the arm banding, from the middle of the banding measure down how ever long you need the sleeve to be plus 1/2 inch, then 1/2 inch below the bottom draw a line as wide as you need the wrist to be (make sure it will be loose enough), connect the ends of the wrist line to the ends of the armband lines.  Once again that’s really confusing so here’s a picture:


I then finished the pointed end of the sleeve then attached it to the same seam where the sleeve and armband meet.

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OK then just attach the sleeves as the regular pattern calls for it just make sure that you have the armband facing the right direction.  Believe me (not that I would make that mistake– *cough cough*).  Now you have this!


Yay!  It’s starting to look like more than a mess of fabric!

So I’m sure you see the skirt next to her on the dress form.  The pattern has 2 parts for the skirt, a side and back piece and a front piece.  For this dress I cut all pieces out in the white and cut out another set of side/back pieces in the pink to make an overskirt.  I sewed the pieces of the white together like the pattern asked, then sewed the two pink ones together, then attached the pink and white at the top of the skirt leaving an inch free at the edge of the pink that meets the center front piece (that way I could finish the edge down the front easily.  I had this:


looks fantastic right?  OK not so much, but trust me on this.  I trimmed up the front of the pink so that it had a more sloping gradual opening then I attached the skirt to the top.  The white front piece I gathered between the darts on the top  and then distributed and gathered the pink the rest of the way around.  Ta da!  You’re almost done!


I have serged all my edges which makes the hemming a lot easier.  I made the pink skirt shorter than the white to reflect the Ariel dress a little more.  After I was all done hemming I added the eyelets and just used pink ribbon.  I like to mark all the eyelets on one side and then do the other.  I find that makes them look much more even then trying to do both sides at one time.  Here’s the back:


This dress is the one I sold and she is a couple sizes bigger than my daughter, so that’s why I left the ribbon long and the dress is a bit big.  I also had issues getting my little girl to stand still.  I’ll try posting some more detailed shots when she wears this in Disney.  Surely she’ll get tired and sit still at some point right??

Here’s some more photos and if you want to know how I made my super easy, non itchy crinoline keep reading.

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OK for the crinoline I bought an old square dance crinoline on eBay and cut it to be 4 inches wider than what she needed it to be, serged the back together leaving the cotton portion open for easy on and off, ran some twill tape through the old elastic casing and voila!

It’s soft and washable.  I can use it with any of her gowns.  Cause, yes she has gowns.  Speaking of which pictures of her Cinderella gown will be up soon.

Rapunzel and Flynn join the DragonCon party

As promised I am posting another set of costumes that I made for DragonCon 2013.  The Flynn vest was a last minute throw together, but I am loving how it turned out!


Aren’t they cute?



This is my little brother Joel and his friend Caitlin.

A couple more– once again you can see all of these photos and the rest of the shoot on Malland Photography’s Facebook page!


Tomorrow I will be posting my last set: Steampunk Supernatural!

Snow White is ready for Dragon Con!

With only 9 days until Dragon Con I thought I’d show off a some of my costumes that I made.  We did this awesome photo shoot with Malland Photography on Sunday and I’m going post a new set every day.  This set is my Snow White gown and a Prince Charming costume I made for my son.  Enjoy!



I’m pretty excited on how well this turned out and I just think the next photo is simply amazing.



Seriously.  She took crazy good shots.



Isn’t he just the cutest little Prince Charming?

I’ll leave you with this:



Check out the rest of the Snow White photos on her Facebook page and check back for the Tangled shots soon!