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The Progressive Conservative party should consider replacing Andrew Scheer with one of those grocery store doors with an automatic sensor on it because at least the door would know when to shut the fuck up. Saying something is a thing you really want to do is not the same thing as actually wnal it.

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Rest in Peace, Sir. Bisexual men were the most likely to engage in high-risk behavior, while homosexuals were the least likely. The overwhelming majority of men never used condoms during oral sex.

Here are his thoughts: unfiltered, uncensored, and only occasionally unsafe for work. The people who I really feel bad for during this pandemic are Star Fuckers. He was theatre as we all knew it.

One factor in the greater riskiness of bisexuals' behaviour appeared to be a higher frequency of unprotected sex with women. A risk index based on the riskiness of specific activities showed that bisexuals were the most likely to engage in high risk behaviour whereas homosexuals were the least likely.

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With women, the men most often engaged in vaginal sex, insertive oral sex less frequently, and rarely anal sex. I mean, that shit was both supportive AND anao. Brent Carver was theatre itself. The more I think of it—and taking nothing away from the devastating void he leaves us with—the more poetry I see in his final exit. A factor in the greater riskiness of bisexuals' behavior was their higher frequency of unprotected sex with women.

Fuck Yeah of the Week: 7. The also suggest the naal to develop targeted interventions for bisexuals, particularly with respect to unprotected sex with women.

DOI: Of these znonymous Some are funny, some are poignant, some bother him, and some make him weep from sadness while others make him weep for joy. All male clients attending the testing site from January, to January were asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire concerning oral and anal sex with men as well as vaginal, oral and anal sex with women within the past year.

Possibly ever again, as we knew it. Meme of the Century: 9.

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Condom use was moderately high for anal and vaginal sex but low for oral sex. These findings provide a preliminary portrait of sexual risk-taking among men in Singapore and suggest the need for continued emphasis on consistent condom use for penetrative sex as well as appropriate precautions for oral sex. Guest Post of the Week: Publication types. Completed questionnaires were obtained from men aged years, of mean age Prostitutes and strangers were the most frequently cited female sex partners.

Overall, among men who reported having sex with men,