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Rather than set out a laundry list of dos and don'ts limiting the First Amendment right to free expression, the high court left the matter to local courts. The vice squad's busts, which have been going on routinely for the past decade, are a problem for one group of people, amazijg one alone: the low-wage store clerks who are criminally charged. Crowd: Mostly married There were 5, pornographic, obscene videos Sexy Mc Dougal Arkansas teen the shelf.

Another officer went back to the store to obtain Woodson's name, so they'd know whom to charge.

After Reynerson's testimony, the prosecutors wheeled out a television, dimmed the lights and began rolling the two-hour, minute tape. It's a founding principle of this nation. We're just like any other employer.

But they left it up to vice captain, who has to gather it up, charge who we can and send it to the jury. Living alone, she needed to pay rent and her tuition at Collin County Community College, where she's taking 3-D computer animation.

And when it comes to hypocrisy and flawed policy, they know it when they see amazng. All along, he's easing the panel into what it's about to see.

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Chatham says later that some Dallas judges have let him present this broader look at community standards. That is, until Chatham took the case of John Wallace, who had been charged with selling a hard-core video at New Fine Arts' store amzzing Mockingbird Lane in early Some of the tapes she rented and sold were erotic, she says, and she would recommend them to women customers looking to take home a thrill. The store is located dallad a particularly ugly stretch of Northwest Highway, a commercial drag dominated by gas stations, strip malls and strip clubs.

This could be Night Court. Dressed up for court in a charcoal suit and white blouse, she's pursing her lips, clutching her hands and sitting upright and rigid at the defense table. It is perfectly legal to own. A little later I quit We don't see genitals, but we don't miss a single moment of the murderous pick-work. Officer Reynerson, a white-haired veteran with 34 years in the department, 10 in vice, starts by matter-of-factly recounting his actions last August The law smazing the land on obscenity for the past 29 years, set out by the U.

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He also says he chose it because amazjng the multiple photos on the cover previewing the sex acts performed in the film. It's legal to sell," Enders says. Tucked behind the jury box and tacked to the paneled walls are hand-drawn diagrams of streets and intersections, black-and-white tracings of the errant paths of people who drink too much and try to drive home. Some days, I have as much as I wanted, AND have always managed to get Older woman wants sex Ingebyra load amzzing before leaving.

This movie didn't have any of those things.

I don't see how they expect to win any cases like this. They're so open, in fact, that they begin to work against his efforts to pick a sympathetic jury. His answer is amazinb by a general discussion about the merits of various Victoria's Secret underwear models and the authenticity of their upper curves.

With only a reporter and a prosecutor trainee watching in the empty spectator benches, these are the issues on the table this day in misdemeanor court. They might have taken a different view if someone more responsible for the store's wares were at the defense table, not because of the legal issues but because they were so stunned by the tape.

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Although roughly two dozen stores around Dallas rent or sell movies depicting unsimulated sexual acts between consenting adults and are d to do so under city codes, Dallas police vice officers routinely wander into the stores, pick out one or two particularly graphic titles and file misdemeanor promotion-of-obscenity charges against the clerk who ddallas up the sale.

Someone can then peek in and see if he wants to partner up.

Neither Hartstein nor Radnitz has a single charge against him in Dallas County criminal records. In fact, Radnitz and his wife were featured recently in The Dallas Morning News in a Sunday feature about their long and happy relationship.

Chatham's success rests in part on changing sexual attitudes, which have no doubt loosened in Dallas over the years. Even those efforts have abated slightly in recent years, the owners say, but vice-squad buys are still routine. It was not two consenting adults having loving sex.

Dressed in slacks and tennis shoes, the slightly pudgy year-old is a second-generation porno merchant, and by the looks of things, a very successful one.