10 Unanswered Questions from Supernatural: Into the Mystic.

This week we see a strange couple dancing to a song while their baby coos in a crib and then both parents violently die, the mom just barely saving the baby in time. I’m not really sure how the music had anything to do with it, but according to the synopsis the banshee is somehow related to that song. Sure. Whatever. It’s playing when they get to the nursing home/assisted living– whatever it is, but it doesn’t seem to be brought up again.

Fire Dean.gif

I’m all about a monster of the week episode, but I wasn’t very emotionally involved with this monster. However we got to see a lot of interesting things besides the big scary monster.

Cas as Lucifer

Is it just me or is this the most relaxed we’ve ever seen Cas? He’s enjoying himself and seems to be so happy. Now granted that’s because he’s Lucifer, but it’s amazing to see how Misha is playing this different, yet the same. Here are my questions though for the whole Casifer situation:

  1. If any angel could be his vessel why didn’t they try that during the last apocalypse? Will he burn through Cas and then need another body? Will he try for Sam again? He seems to have Cas’ memory so are they both in there?
  2. Is Cas drinking demon blood? Other Lucifer had to drink it, Sam had to drink it, what are the rules on this?
  3. How many Angels are left? Cas killed a bunch a few years ago and has killed a few more since then. Metatron killed even more, then Amara, now Lucifer. Are we in double digits now? Can angels make new angels? Perhaps by having your loved one immortalized in car sticker form on your back window?
  4. Dean didn’t recognize Lucifer inside Cas, but will Sam? He was really close to him after all.

Sam and Dean are essentially the same

Sam is still a sweet caring person (he is the first to figure out about the other hunter and works to include her on the hunt– I’m sure enough people have commented on the awesomeness of having someone from the deaf community as the badass in this episode) and Dean is still open to whatever– with whoever.

Sam is beating himself up entirely too much about not searching for Dean. Yes it was out of character, but there’s no point in punishing yourself about it now.

4. Also they dig graves really quickly– do they fill them back it?

6. Are they really going to keep pushing the Dean/Amara angle? I feel like this is getting pushed as hard as Destiel is on Tumblr. Whatever he feels for Amara I can’t believe it’s love. Lust maybe.

7. Could the banshee have killed Dean? Amara is invincible, but I’ve wondered if Dean is now too. Will Dean have to die to break her connection to earth? Does her invincibility cover her as well?

8. What are they pushing us towards? Amara and Dean as lovers? Amara and Dean taking over the world? To what end?

DISCLAIMER: There are only 8 numbers in this list, but I asked way more than 10 questions so it all evens out and makes no sense at all anyway.

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