Supernatural: Baby. An episode filled with misdirection.



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To say this was the best episode this season is understating it a bit. This episode is proof of why we are on season 11 of this show. We have a weekly monster hunt with the boys and they are actually getting along. By getting along I mean they are talking about how to save the world without blaming one another, they are joking and playing pranks, and they are working together towards a common goal.

So what does that make me? Happy? Well yes, but also really really nervous. Their exchange of “Bitch” and “Jerk” was just as heartwarming/nerve wracking as Glenn calling Rick asshole. You know when this happens it’s not going to end pretty (although hopefully those weren’t Glenn’s guts getting torn out, but back to Supernatural). Well I’ve mentioned that this episode is filled with misdirection so let me explain. . .no there is too much. . .let me sum up.

Is Chuck God?

We hear Chuck’s voice over, from way back when the Apocalypse was all we had to worry about, talking about the Impala (Baby) and then Sam praying to God for help. So is Chuck God? I think so but they dance around actually coming out and saying it. We see that connection and then we see someone meant to look like their dad talking to Sam in a dream. Is this God? Is Chuck playing a dude, playing another dude? We are slowly moving towards a God answer and I hope that Chuck is God (but what if God replaced Chuck right before Dean went to go save Sam from Lucifer? Is Chuck really himself again and God just looked like him for a while? OK I’m starting to over think everything).

ummm one of your sons turned into Satan and the other became a demon, but you know. . .

There’s no way Dean can escape

After we hear about how amazing Baby is and are reminded how this car has been with them through it all. It’s there home more than any nasty hotel room or cool bunker. The opening scene is beautifully shot showing all those little details that Chuck talked about way back when Dean saved Sam by getting him to jump into the pit of Hell. We see the initials, the army man, the little imperfections that make her special. . .and then we see the busted window, the blood and Dean lying prone with his hands cuffed behind his back. So he’s screwed right?

Cut to the beginning of this trip where they continually mention that this is a nothing case (but we know better cause we’ve seen Dean hurt and trapped in the back of the wrecked Impala). Lets stop and eat– there’s not a rush– this isn’t a real case– etc. We also see Dean up to no good going to a nasty dive while Sam talks about how he just wants to go to a hotel and get some sleep. Good Sam always doing what he should. Right? Well then we see Dean coming out of the bar the next morning just looking gross and grimy– he’s such a bad boy. Oh wait– no that’s Sam in the back seat with a random waitress. Once again we are lead to believe that Dean’s up to no good to find out the opposite.

Just like it looks like Dean is screwed at the beginning of the episode, but we find out that there is very little in this episode he didn’t have handled. He gets attacked and handles it while on the phone with Cas– then has to rekill the body still while on the phone. Oh and using the windshield wipers to get rid of the werepire’s head? Awesomeness. His line, “Turns out I did shoot the deputy” completes a joke from way back when Lilith was first bothering them.

Of course the wife is a bad guy

After taking care of the monster (at least as good as he could right now) he goes to help Sam who has “saved” the wife of the Sheriff who was being attacked by more monsters. Which this misdirection didn’t surprise me. An unconscious person in the back seat that they haven’t gotten to interrogate yet is most definitely a bad guy too. Which she was.

Just like the deputy seemed like a helpless idiot and turns out to be the monster that had created a herd of monsters just like him. Once again what we see/think isn’t reality.

Is the fun all a misdirection too?

Sam is having fun, they are joking with each other, fighting about how Dean is driving, quoting music lyrics, even had a little sappy moment about how they will always be alone. Dean gives Sam a hard time about his one night stand, Sam and Dean exchange their signature Bitch and Jerk. Everything is great. Yeah there’s a huge evil in the world, but as long as they are together everything is perfect. Seriously it is, which is what worries me. What’s coming up that will balance out all this harmony between the boys?

John (or the person pretending to be John) talks about how Dean has taken care of the car and how the car has taken care of them and then the next day Dean forces it into a barrier. So Sam thinks he’s talking to God and what if he’s getting manipulated by something else? At this point I don’t trust anything that I see. Anything that seems like a good idea I’m questioning pretty hard. How has Michael’s vessel turned into this ex-demon, former Mark of Cain having, Darkness linked dude and Lucifer’s vessel turned into a guy that is looking for help from God?

Overall this was a fun episode to watch. Following the car around the case instead of one or both of the boys was great. The valet that took the car for a joyride was fun to watch especially since this transgression eventually lead to Dean’s salvation from the werepire. The Monster, although scary, was humorously dealt with, Cas, although not seen, was a big help in taking care of the case (and he caught up on Orange is the New Black) and we fell just a little bit more in love with the Impala.


Supernatural: The Bad Seed– Is Crowley in Danger?

Last week I was in Florida nerding it up to some Harry Potter and never got the chance to do a review, but I want to touch on just a couple of things before moving on to this week’s episode. First off– it’s super handy that Amara has revealed that she’s going to age super quick. Making it more of an option for Dean to kill/have sex with her than before. I’m glad also that Castiel seems to have killed another chunk of Angels and I hope that’s the end of the Angel storyline for a while. Angel politics are boring (unless Chuck comes back). Sam handily found the cure to the disease that the Darkness brought with her right before he died. FYI as a general rule– don’t do what makes sense when you’re sick out of your mind with some kind of evil disease. Yeah it worked well for Sam, but I’m going to say that’s probably always a bad idea. You’re probably just going to burn your face off– not somehow cure your body by just getting a fire really close to your skin. (No burn or anything huh?).

OK now on to this week and the introduction of the. . .MEGA COVEN! I love that she kept trying to make that work and I totally see how she lost her place in the Grand Coven. It was also very satisfying to see her face when she found out that Crowley was still alive (what’s up with villains leaving the scene before the important death has happened?) The Book of the Damned is the only thing really that she has going for her.

Next we have some flash backs and moody moments from Team Winchester while they are trying to figure out how to both destroy the Darkness and fix Castiel. I’m really unhappy they brought up Metatron again– I’d like him to finally die for good any day now. Castiel has now begun having scary seizures which bodes well right?

I have missed Castiel’s clueless, yet technically true, statements.

Dean for some reason keeps calling Crowley too to get help from him. I’m not sure why he thinks that Crowley would be looking to help him in any way since last time they were hanging out Dean stabbed him through the hand with an Angel Blade.

At least Crowley is acting like normal again and Sam hasn’t forgotten that he’s 100% still a bad guy.

Amara is beginning to show Crowley how scary she really is. She’s totally using Crowley for her feast of souls and access to his power. I have a feeling that next week Crowley will be running to the boys trying to get help to imprison her again. She runs through an insane number of souls feeding at an increasing rate and we see Crowley trying to slow her feeding down towards the end of the episode. That doesn’t seem like that’s going to go so well for him.

Creepy little kids are the worst.

I’m also going to take a moment to mention the Angel/Demon drinks after work date. This also seems super strange to me and kind of random, but I’m assuming that this will be important since they too the time to put this in. Will the regular demons and minor Angels revolt? Will they be the ones to fix this mess?

I really enjoyed this episode, but there was all kinds of crap going on in this episode. We’ve had major plot development, work towards fixing the big problems in this season (Castiel, Rowena, AND Amara), and then they also throw in a “monster of the week” feel with the interrogation of the last witch from Rowena’s lunch date. It was pretty easy for them to get her to work with them, but I have a feeling she’s not a huge Rowena fan anyway. This image though wraps up everything that I love about when the boys actually work together.

Winchesters Co-ordination…

Such coordination.

And of course Dean’s snark was great to see too– I hate it when they are fighting or when Dean starts taking things too seriously. I mean we need his witty comments even when things are serious.

The info they get from this witch though allows them to track down Rowena and take her back to the bunker (are they not concerned with people learning where it is?). Before they start to break her down though they realize that Castiel is gone and since last time they saw him he was 8 shades of crazy they load her up and take her on a road trip to find their missing Angel.

Conveniently they find Castiel right before he kills an innocent girl, but he has lost control so he punches Dean a good bit before they get him under control. This was very reminiscent of when the Angels had brainwashed Castiel and had made him kill Dean over and over again. Was that just a flashback of that situation and Castiel was reliving it? He was pretty out of it, but for some reason Rowena lifted the curse and then fled. Yes I know Sam had a gun on her, but she managed to get away pretty easily and quickly so I’m just surprised she let them keep her prisoner and didn’t break away as soon as they walked into that warehouse.

Dean’s face looked like it hurt though

I know it’s makeup, but ouch that looks like it hurts.

So we end this episode with a cured Castiel, but a guilty feeling Angel. A scary preteen Amara who is consuming the souls of everyone she can. An MIA Rowena and a scared looking Crowley. Will Amara eat Crowley? That’d probably give her a ton of power or at least be the equivalent of Thanksgiving Dinner for her. What will happen when she gets a hold of an Angel?

Sam and Dean seem to be working together well with minimum secrets (although there are still some because they never learn), Crowley I’m worried for and Amara I’m scared of. So all in all this is going to be a very interesting season if it continues this way.

What you really need to know about Harry Potter World: a realistic view of the park

Everywhere you look there are pins and posts about the “25 Things You Have to Know About Harry Potter World” or “What only True Harry Potter Fans Notice.”  It’s true there are minute details all over the park, but in reality it’s too crowded to see everything unless you have weeks to spend at the park. (So congrats all of you people that have season passes and live locally). I however had 3 days, 2 kids, and 1 husband that’s not a Harry Potter Fan. So I had limited time to fit everything in, but being the super nerd I am I wanted to hit all the high points.

Let me just say– it is amazing. It took me 10 hours to get there stuck in a car with a 5 and an 8 year old and it was worth every second. It looks just like how I imagined it and everyone that works there does a great job staying in character. We went straight to Olivanders and got our wands, but even though I thought I’d researched how it all worked it was super confusing.

12107848_10207952153830726_4405685311689578250_n 12119031_10207952153470717_2414803456580568152_n 12119041_10207952148670597_3109009542181312529_n

What’s awesome

You get to go through and meet a wand maker and a couple of lucky kids get chosen to select a wand. For an adult this feels slightly cheesy, most the of the dialogue is straight from the book, but the look on my kid’s faces when they though the wands really were doing all of that was priceless. We went out into the main store and quickly threw down $50 a wand for interactive wands (btw some of the wands they sell don’t activate the special stuff they have set up throughout Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade– they don’t explain that well).

What could make it better

The kids that get chosen have the light shine on them and the wind blow a little and my kids were a little disappointed that when they chose their wands the same didn’t happen to them. Now I know it would add another line, but maybe just in the Olivanders main show they could have an area where you could “check” your wand to see if it was a good fit. To go along with this vein of though it would be super helpful if you had a short (optional) “class” to learn how to do basic spellwork (aka how to activate the special areas throughout the park). I spent $150 on wands and then had to stumble through a few attempts before someone who worked there gave us a 20 minute tutorial.

Also those areas are crazy specific. You can see the sensors if you know where to look and you have to point your wand very specifically at them and then move your wand in the exact precise way that the medallions show. That’s great for a 32 year old (although even I had trouble at a few spots), but my kids had issues getting them to activate. They weren’t the only ones and that caused long lines at every spot.

Come on Universal– an “intro to spell work class” would be yet another attraction and the people you’re paying right now as already doing this on a much smaller scale.

After we got our wands we wondered around Diagon Alley for a while and I got some Wizards Money (which wtg Universal on that idea



 Then we watched the Dragon on Gringotts breathe fire a few times, looked at robes, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw $100 each at robes when I could totally make my own– you know in the event that I need robes– which might 100% happen (plus it was wayyyy too hot to wear the robes around the park at this point), then after a quick trip to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes (which was cool to look at, but didn’t have as many practical joke items as I expected) we decided to take the train over to Hogsmeade— after a photo with the Knight Bus.


That was really well done and my daughter totally wanted to get a shrunken head like that (which I would have gotten her if it was available– once again Universal– sell that crap in Knockturn Alley with maybe a few Hands of Glory.


The Train was evidently the hottest ride in the park as it was the lonnnnngest line we encountered the whole time we were there. After about an hour wait we finally made it to the train (there was even a snack bar set up mid line– really??) and the train ride was cute. It helped make the trip over to Hogsmeade much more magical than just walking (which is what we did the other days after that wait), but I was sad it wasn’t really a steam train. It’s just a coaster track with a fake train that makes synthesized train noises. Which if you’ve never seen a steam train in person you’d probably not notice the difference, but I’ve been to Dollywood too many times to be fooled. A real steam whistle is a beautiful thing that you feel in your core when it goes off.

12107069_10207953502304437_3921184882055302108_n 12074583_10207953503184459_380302219771999135_n

It was really cool though getting to board the train and ride it to the station. It did sound like they didn’t get Emma Watson to do her voice for the sound work on the train though which was odd.

We were worn out at this point (did I mention that I have 2 small kids? Yeah they can only do so much and slow everything down) so we went back to our rooms to get to bed early so we could take advantage of our early entry passes (that came with our room package). We stayed at Loew’s Portofino Bay Hotel which was gorgeous and we spent the extra to get the minon suite for the kids (it was our 10th wedding anniversary vacation so I didn’t want to have to sleep with my 5 year old every night) and that was also worth every penny. The kids were thrilled with their own private space.

12112305_10207971711879665_2807218621282179155_n 12108155_10207953500704397_870904953495984642_n 12118705_10207953500464391_7242479794278443007_n

We tried to have a nice dinner that night too, but the service at Mama Bella’s was so insanely slow and half our food was cold when we got it. Not what I expected for a $150 meal. Then after waiting an hour for food the kids fell asleep right before the food got there. Really made me wish we’d just grabbed a sandwich as we were leaving the park.

The next two days we tried to cram as much Harry Potter fun (and we explored the rest of the park too because my husband for some reason thought we came there for more than just Harry Potter– weirdo). The greatest thing we got that I didn’t realize we needed was the Express Pass. It came “free” with my hotel room and we rode rides multiple times in the time it took the regular line to get on the ride. I think they are about $60 extra, but it allowed us to do the park much quicker and was amazing since we were cramming everything into 3 days. Also you totally need the lanyards, but unlike all the “25 ways to do Universal on a budget” I don’t think you need to buy those ahead of time. They are only $10 or so and I totally bought mine before and left them in my sewing room so had to buy another set when we got there. I don’t think I saved any money on Amazon anyway.

Off to Hogsmeade this area was just as amazing looking as Diagon Alley, but didn’t seem as fleshed out. There were multiple store fronts that were just false fronts. but I hope that Universal plans on filling those up eventually. It looked like a nice large area, but in reality there were just a few shops and a lot of the wand stations (with long lines of people having issues making them work).

The most amazing thing there of course though was the Castle. This was a long line too, but you don’t really notice the line since you’re busy looking at all the set dressing. The ride itself was cool although if that’s how hanging out with Harry goes I totally want to just hang out with Luna and talk about nargles.

12108846_10207953501024405_5521190742149030916_n 12112192_10207953501264411_1538317731848974343_n 12141666_10207953501704422_6240685007476532342_n

 Of course I didn’t visit Harry Potter World without trying the Butterbeer. The books make it sound delicious and I have to say it looked good so I ordered a cold version and a frozen one. Verdict? The Butterbeer was disgusting. It wanted to be good– the cream on top was yummy, but overall it was nasty. Never fear though! A few of us get together every few weeks for Harry Potter Trivia nights (proof of this) and my friend Heather makes an amazing Butterbeer and a Butterbeer milkshake that will make your head explode. She follows this recipe which is supposedly modeled after Universal’s, but actually tastes really good. For the milkshake version– add ice cream before putting on the topping. Believe me it’s life changing.


I do now own 2 Butterbeer mugs though which makes drinking the nasty version worth it.

I may have lost control in Honeydukes though and bought way too much candy. The candy did not disappoint in anyway though.


The Sherbet Lemons were delicious, the Fizzing Whizzbees I expected to be gross, but the mixture of pop rocks and chocolate was actually really good, and my son thought the jelly beans were hilarious. I was really impressed. Whatever I felt Universal was lacking they definitely made up for in the candy department.

 So totally read all the posts about all the little details you “can’t miss”, but just enjoy the park. Also don’t be those adults that crowd the little kids out of the way so you can try out your wand. I had a couple do that to my kids a couple of times. Seriously– I understand you have your wand and your robes, but dude you’re 30 and my kid is 5– it’s going to take her a sec to make the water shoot out of the fountain.

Pay the extra for the Express Pass– or stay on site, it’s totally worth it.

Relax and have fun!

I look forward to going back in 5 or so years, or whenever they add the Ministry of Magic with it’s ride that you enter through the toilets and exit through the fireplace (I totally made that up, but it’s the next logical step). Ohhh or Grimmauld Place that is full of moldy furniture, a creepy Kreacher, and dark magical objects everywhere. The cave to get the horocrux with Dumbledore will probably have to wait until they can add another water ride like the Jurassic Park one. But I’ll be back when my kids are older, or when they add one of these rides. Whichever comes first.

Top 5 Most Important Scenes in Supernatural “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire”

Hello all again! Last time we talked Sam and Dean had unleashed “The Darkness” on the world so that they could save Dean. Totes a great idea. I mean anything named “The Darkness” seems like it’ll be fun. This whole episode was one big mess of action which I feel like means that Season 11 isn’t going to be the jumbled mess that most of season 8 and 9 were. At least I really hope so.

Castiel’s Torture Problem

Cas is super confused right now and seems to be looking for help in all the wrong places. Really he’s the only Angel left that I have any patience for (well except Gabriel, but it’s been too long since he’s been a player to count). So he’s been carried off by the bad Angels (true they do have a reason to hate him and want him dead, but still) to be tortured and killed and has called Sam and Dean to say goodbye. I’m 100% not sure where they’re going with this. Is it time for Cas to get killed off? I hope not, but I can see how that would make sense. I just really hope that they don’t drag out the Angel storyline for much longer. Give them Heaven and all the power back and lets move on.

Crowley’s Unstable Leadership

Crowley has lost his regular body (well he did for a little bit) and gets to be a woman for a bit. I found this amusing and enjoyable, but I was glad that he went back to his regular appearance. Mark Shepherd is just too great to go away like that. Crowley finally calls in help so that he can get back to Hell, but he’s lost even more of his control over his demons. What got me super excited was talk of Lucifer and Michael in the cage. Will their brother finally be saved? I’d love to see that story line addressed again though. It’s been glossed over for way too long.

The Zombie Like Infection

The Darkness seems to have unleashed a disease that is infecting innocent people and the infection looks amazingly like the Leviathan black goo that infected people a few seasons ago. They also act like the Kroatoans from a long time ago. So I’m a little disappointed that this new evil looks so much like the past ones, but I’m not going to be super judge-y right now and try to see how it plays out.

Sam’s Darkness Problem

Sam managed to let the zombie/Leviathan/Kroatoan creature bleed all in his mouth (really Sam– you’ve avoided Vampire blood this whole time, but not this chick?) Of course he’s keeping all this a secret from Dean cause that’s worked out sooo well in the past. Everyone else seems to Hulk out after a few hours though and Sam seems to have made it to the limit by the end of the episode. Will his Kroatoan immunity help him out? Will his connection to Dean help (since he obviously has a connection to the source of this issue)? I’m relieved it looks like this will be resolved pretty quickly though since the infection seems to come to a head quickly.

 We’re bound, Dean. We’ll always be bound. You helped me, I helped you. No matter where I am, who I am, we will always help each other.

11x01 | Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

Dean’s New Girlfriend/Kid

So Dean evidently got to meet “The Darkness” right up front and of course she was a hot woman that flirted with him. What I didn’t expect was that she turns out to be the baby that they’ve sworn to protect. Which makes the flirting super creepy. I do find this interesting because even though they’ve dealt with bad guy little kids before they’ve never actually killed said kids. They’ve all conveniently possessed an older person for the death scene. So will the baby grow crazy Twilight like fast? Will Dean be able to kill it at all? Will killing it or locking it away put the Mark back on Dean?

Yeah I’ve got no clue here, but at least it’s a twist to the Leviathan like plot of an ancient evil unleashed upon the world. And I don’t think we have seen them solve a problem like this before.

Yes I’m angry that Sam’s still keeping secrets and Dean is with his connection with The Darkness. But I am happy that they seem to be trying to think outside the box to change this cycle of bad decisions. They might not be doing it right, but they are at least trying-ish.