Supernatural: The Werther Project. Has Dean always been fated to kill Sam?

I think everyone knows that for this show to ever end the boys would have to die at the same time. But what if Dean kills Sam– or an even weirder twist Sam kills Dean?

This week’s episode got me thinking about how far we’ve come and what it would take to shock the viewers at this point. We see Sam working with Rowena and Dean taking down a nest of vampires on his own. Both of these things are horrible ideas, but are they that surprising? Nope. And that was just a continuation of bad decisions the boys have made.

And as idiotic as it is we know Dean can handle it.

We see a flashback to the Men of Letters expelling Magnus for inventing the Werther Box which causes people to commit suicide if they attempt to open it. So what does Sam do?  Well he goes to open it of course. To be fair he goes to open it because Rowena says he needs the codex that’s kept inside to find the cure for Dean. He’s of course keeping this all from Dean and Dean (who followed Sam thinking that Sam is just sulking because of the vampire nest incident) is treating this like just a regular case. He doesn’t realize how serious this is. He just thinks he’s saving the person that’s living in the old Men of Letters house and any further people. What would the Men of Letters thought about Sam and Dean?

So once again we have the boys not working together 100% and at least Sam lying to Dean. Have we reached the point where they can never be the team they used to be?

Ummm, yeah that’s what everyone has been saying.

But we know from Cain that Dean is going to be pushed into killing Sam and up until this week I knew that they would find a way out of that somehow. If they manage to get the Mark of Cain off of Dean though that won’t really solve their problems. They’ve compromised their beliefs so many times are they really good anymore? They still will be working based on lies and deceit. It wasn’t that long ago that witches and spells were seen as the worst path you could go down and this week we see Sam performing a spell without a hesitation.


As long as Dean stays alive it’s cool right?

The Werther box induces hallucinations for everyone in the house trying to get them to commit suicide and it works on the woman that was living there, but Sam and Dean manage to avoid death. Dean through sheer will power (also he didn’t have the first blade on him– so could he really have died?) and Sam through Dean saving him. Sam was convinced that he needed to drain his blood to unlock the box (which he did need to do) and almost kills himself while doing so. While Sam is talking to a fake Rowena Dean is trapped in fake Purgatory with Benny.

 Or also because you’re fake.

Dean knows that Benny and Purgatory aren’t real and after a little arguing he finally just kills off the fake Benny and breaks himself out of the spell. Benny said something during one of his speeches though that reminded me of previous events.

and since I found this GIF set online–I wasn’t the only one that caught it.

Also Sam was perfection as Lucifer– it was scary how much I loved him evil.

The first set is of Sam telling Dean that no matter what choices he makes he will always end up here. Always end up trying to kill Sam. Benny echos that statement in Purgatory. So maybe when we thought Dean had avoided that horrible zombie filled future he had just postponed it. Yeah Sam isn’t drinking demon blood anymore and he doesn’t have Lucifer trying to talk him into world destruction, but Sam no longer cares about wrong or right– just doing what he can to keep Dean alive. Dean isn’t avoiding Michael either, but he’s still fighting a holy battle at the moment.

So wouldn’t that be a kick in the teeth if we found out at the end of all of this craziness that they never truly won the battle with Lucifer– they just bought a little time. Even if Dean does end of trying to or succeeding in killing Sam I know one thing. I’m very glad that he got to Sam this week in time to save him.

So we leave this week with Dean thinking they are being honest with one another and with Sam in possession of the codex. I’m just so glad that he locked up Rowena when he gave it to her. But can the chains really hold her?


~~~ The Werther Project 10.19

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