Supernatural: Girls, Girls, Girls! Wow that was a lot of tied up story lines.

We get to see the boys still getting along and Sam giving Dean crap about his Tinder dating app. I love that Sam tries to prep Dean to the fact that Shayleen is most likely not her profile pic and might not even be a woman. Annnnnd then she shows up and proves Sam wrong– for the time being. I think we all knew– even without the previews this week– that something would be up with her. I am glad the boys are still getting along and that the tension undercurrent is at a minimum (seriously there’s no way there will ever be no tension at all). I do wonder if they are phasing out the bunker though. I wouldn’t be opposed to that even though if Sam and Dean really did exist there’s no way they’d abandon a stronghold like that.

Switch to Castiel and worst character ever Hannah. Their mission on earth seems to be wrapping up and she seems to want to call it quits. Cas of course is being a stickler for the rules and wants to guarantee that all the Angels are back in Heaven. I think he probably just doesn’t want to go back himself so he’s telling himself he needs to finish this mission. Of course insert awkward moment with Hannah getting naked so she can go shower.

Now we’re back with Dean and the woman we soon find out is a prostitute– with a twist. She’s requiring souls as payment instead of money. Obviously she doesn’t believe this is a big deal, but here’s my question: Why use real prostitutes? Why not have demons handle both ends? As in why not possess prostitutes so they can just seal the deal with you instead of having to call in a third party? It just seems like a mood killer to me– not that I’m looking to start a demon prostitution ring– but if I was I think I could do a better job. Dean does seem to let her kill him pretty easily though, but they still are able to find the brothel.

And we switch story lines again back to Castiel and Hannah– where her husband is crashing the party. This is awkward as well– as everything with her seems to be and she tries to convince her husband that the reason she ran away was because she is in love with Castiel and they are together now. Her husband doesn’t buy it and I think after she kissed Castiel she realized that he really wasn’t interested either. She gives all of these noble excuses as to why she’s going to leave her body and go back to Heaven, but I really think it’s just because she finally gets that Castiel isn’t interested in her like that. I’m so glad that she’s gone now though and hope that Castiel teams up with the boys again.

Rowena shows up at Raul’s Girls and kills Raul. She takes the girls along to “help” them and at this time I was slightly unsure if she was really going to be a bad guy or not. I know we’ve seen her killing people in hotel rooms, but in this world that doesn’t really make someone all the way bad. The boys find Raul’s body and realize that witches are involved. With a little research (Sam is so good at that– and btw surely they ran across Rowena and her spell when trying to kill Yellow Eyes or Crowley. Or any other demon) they find out that the spell originates from a 300 year old witch named Rowena.

We see Rowena manipulating everyone around her while giving a pitch to the girls to try to bring them into her coven. So yeah– now we’re sure that Rowena is a bad guy. After a little bit of time getting all they want however we see that her magic does come with a rather large price (like the people she enchants die a horrible death pretty quickly– gives new meaning to dine and dash). The girls seems to be a little iffy after they see the waiter die, but they haven’t run away yet.

We also see that Crowley isn’t too happy with the Raul’s Girls establishment and agrees that a soul in exchange for some good (or nasty) sex is a bad deal. I would like to think that he agrees with me that Raul was running a poor business model as well. I also am concerned with Crowley’s lack of focus. He’s the King of Hell he should act like it! I miss my bad guy.

 Dean and Sam are now on the hunt for Rowena when we see yet another story line introduced. We see the dude (Cole) that tied up Sam at the beginning of the season and who Dean humiliated. He evidently hasn’t given up and is now torturing demons to find out what makes them tick. So when Dean and Sam corner Rowena he gets the drop on them and Rowena gets away. In the struggle with Rowena though the boys kill 2 demons who were sent to grab her and Rowena kills one of the hookers as a distraction to try to get away. I am curious to see if instead of going home to his family if Cole sticks around and really gets to see what the boys do. He finally got to see a glimpse of the real Sam and Dean, but I find it hard to believe after a quick conversation with Dean that he’d really buy that Dean killed his dad for legitimate reasons. Is this going to be a plot line that disappears (cough– Benny– cough) or will we find out what Cole’s dad really was? Will Cole become a hunter? Yes we see Cole drive off, but now that he’s not out to kill the boys I’d kinda be interested in his story.

The biggest feels were to be had during Dean’s conversation with Cole. He acknowledged Sam’s love for him, he thinks he is destined to die a bloody death (which I’m inclined to agree with), and he wants Cole to avoid the darkness he has in his life. Yep. All off the feels.

 At the tail end of the episode we see Castiel Googling his host body’s story, but even bigger we see Crowley go to kill Rowena. Yeah. . .about that. As many fans predicted we find out something big– Rowena is Crowley’s mom. You know that witch mother he mentioned a few seasons ago– welp– that would be her. Will he kill her? Create an alliance with her? Will his humanity cause (even more) issues with this situation?

Top 10 Moments of Supernatural: Ask Jeeves.

We are coming down from our 200 episode high and I was somewhat expecting this episode to switch back to drama between the boys. I was pleasantly surprised that that didn’t happen.

Here are some of my favorite moments/themes from this week’s episode.

10. The boy’s troubles fitting in. Showing up in their regular hunting gear has placed them at a disadvantage. This is a home that is 100% judging them on their clothes and deportment. It is amusing to watch he boys who are normally so in control of the situation be looked down upon.

9. Shifters. This episode’s mystery is pretty cut and dried. It looks like there is some kind of monster killing people and after the rule out it being a ghost they realize they are up against a shifter. Therefore everyone is a suspect. This is something I love about a shifter. Some of my favorite “monster of the week” episodes involve shifters. I love that everyone is a suspect and that the outside world (in this instance the family) think the boys are just acting crazy and don’t realize what danger they are in.

8. Clue. Clue is my favorite board game from childhood and one of my favorite childhood movies as well so I ate up all the Clue references. Dean calling the family members “Mrs. Peacock and Colonial Mustard” to his picking up all the random weapons to use (the lead pipe, the rope, the wrench, the candlestick, the knife, and finally the revolver) was perfection. The rooms as they were shot even felt board game like. There was a definite separation every time they went into a new room/area to investigate. It was at times slightly heavy handed, but not so much that it was annoying. This element was what I considered a pretty great homage.


7. Colette goes to Clown College. I can’t explain why this cracks me up as much as it does, but I love that this is the excuse that the butler came up with.  Really? Clown college?

6. The cougar team. The team of “older” ladies (yeah I know they are supposed to be cougars here, but they don’t look that old to me– not like the ghost ship episode) that are after Sam and Dean are the best. Dean meets their advances with humor and kinda seems open to it whereas Sam is constantly uncomfortable around them.

5. Sam’s awkwardness. The cougars have Sam acting very awkward throughout this episode, but if you watch he’s awkward even before they come into the story.  He shows up with ridiculously small coffee cups at the beginning of the episode and when Dean mocks his desire to change into his FBI clothes he seems uncomfortable around the butler. He keeps touching his hair and face and not seeming like he knows when to smile. I find it both adorable and uncomfortable to watch.

4. Silver? This isn’t a best moment so much as an issue I have. They trust the maid to bring the silver to them. First of all that amount of real silverware would need to be polished a lot so there would be some tarnish on something. Secondly silver and stainless steel look and feel differently. That’s something the boys would surely notice with all their experience with silver.

3. Sweating Sam. Sam gets cornered by the shifter and tries to reason with her. She tells him her story about how Bobby killed her father and her mother agreed to lock her away so she wouldn’t hurt anyone.Which brings up a whole other theory up for me. Her mother had an affair with a shifter and as we’ve seen before shifters like to shift into a husband and then get a woman pregnant (then come back and steal the baby). So did Bunny know she was having an affair?  How old is the shifter daughter? She could be a lot older than she looks and just shifting into a younger version of herself. Also locking your daughter away in the attic is a horrible idea. And Bobby was supposed to “take care” of her after Bunny died. Sounds very Rustler’s Rhapsody to me.

Anyway he gives a rousing speech about how she doesn’t have to be a monster. That being a monster is a choice. This episode although is mostly light hearted and funny has it deep moments and this is one of them. Both Sam and Dean have made the decision to not be monsters over and over again (and kinda still are even though we all like to pretend they aren’t). Right after Sam makes this speech Dean shows up to save his brother and puts way too many of those silver bullets in her.  The look on Sam’s face as he watches Dean put bullet after bullet into her corpse is full of fear. Like he is wondering if Dean is going to not stick to his choice of not being a monster.


2. The return of Bobby, well kinda. We open up with Dean working on the Impala again (is it just me or is he working on that a lot? Did he take that bad of care of it during his demon days or is he trying to stay busy so he can avoid his issues?) and Sam delivering very small coffees.  The case they are picking up is related to something Bobby left over from his hunting career. It was nice to see a Bobby related story again even though it just made me wish, once again, that he wasn’t dead. (Seriously why couldn’t he, Jo, Ellen and Ash save the world by fighting Metatron from inside heaven?)

1. Family. One of the strong underlying messages in this episode was that Dean and Sam are back at it again. They are close and happy and no longer have issues. RIGHT? Seriously though they’ve come a long way and you can see Sam trying to not rock that boat. He declares with pride, when Dash states that his family doesn’t like each other, that his family does. You can also feel him trying to not push Dean too hard after his overzealous take down of the shifter. He wants everything to be good and doesn’t want to mess up what they have going.
The thing that makes this show great year after year is that it all comes down to the fact that the brothers are family and they need each other. We all think everything will be fine as long as the brothers are together and while I still believe that we still had a few moments that reminded us that even though things are great now we still have issues that need to be worked through. Like that whole Mark of Cain thing.

What happens when I decide to make a Pilgrim costume for my child? Well. . .

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Hester Prynne

Hester Prynne

I embroider a red A to her chest and take photos of her with her baby doll. Because that’s normal. Hopefully when she get to high school and reads The Scarlet Letter she will find this amusing and not reason for therapy.

On a sewing note I used Simplicity 3725 and it was super easy and went together well. You know, just in case you need an Hester Prynne costume a pilgrim costume for your kid.

Supernatural: Fan Fiction. When the Writers Show That They’ve Been Watching Us.

So all of you that have been making Adam memes and slightly to very disturbing art on deviantART (yes there is a LOT of beautiful stuff on there too). Well it’s obvious the writers have been watching and listening.


We start out with a preview of this amazingly well funded high school play (I went to public school so maybe private schools have that kind of budget). A quick look at the play and the teacher overseeing the play looks like she’s going to be putting and end to it.  Of course after she walks out she gets grabbed by some mysterious vines and we cut to an awesome montage of past intros.

After months (seasons/years) of issues between the boys we see Dean working on the Impala and other than a quick disagreement as to whether this is a case or not the boys are working together. There is not tension between them or unresolved issues that are distracting them from their job. It is glorious.

They walk through the doors right before the rest of the banner gets put up proclaiming that for one night only Supernatural: The Musical will be playing. (This episode is full of great moments and the conversation between the boys on the way in ranks up there. Dean throwing out that Sam “ran tech Wolverine” in the production of Oklahoma! that he was it was perfect). What follows is amazing to watch.  The first thing they see is a girl in a fake beard practicing saying “Idgit” and a girl Castiel practicing lighting Michael on fire. The look on their faces of revulsion, confusion and panic is great.  Once the music starts, narrated by a singing Dean, telling (in a rather upbeat manner) all the intimate details of their life, the boys look like they are going to be sick.

Sam manages to pull it together and tries to play himself off as an FBI agent (Smith) while Dean barely manages to introduce himself (also Smith– no relation). Awkwardness ensues. Dean arguing first that their is no singing in Supernatural and then defending their choice of covering Carry on my Wayward Son to Sam. So many wonderful things are happening. Sam is almost delighted with the play and a few times even seems to be trying to impress the girls with his drama skills.

I am amazed with all the fanfic and theories they managed to touch on in this episode and they hit a big one right up front. While the girls/boys are practicing their “BM scene” Dean gets enraged at the actors standing so close together. The director/writer (Marie) explains it with “you know, subtext” and once again for like the 10th time already this episode Jensen Ackles shows off his amazing acting skills. After finding out how far off the rails her fanfiction had gone from the real story (in her world Dean becomes a woman) he tries to tell her what really happened and gets laughed at.

Enter the next big topic for them to explore: Destiel. The Dean actress and the Castiel actress are evidently a couple in real life and Dean begins to get panicky. He is explained once again that this is just subtext (but you can’t spell subtext withough SEX). Sam is delighted by Destiel and throws out more names that could be used (and have been) and even asks why there isn’t Sastiel or Samstiel. Sam gets Dean back plus some for all the derogatory comments that he made about Sam’s drama past.

We see another girl threaten to shut down the play (the one playing Sam) and get captured by the vines/scarecrow again, but this time director girl witnesses the attack. This moves the case along (similar flowers were found at both crime scenes and now they have someone to question).Evidence begins to point at the show’s scarecrow that could have become a Tulpah (and Sam tries to admit to being Sam and Dean– which is also accepted by laughter and mockery. The girls say they are way too old and they classify them in the age range as Bobby and Rufus. Yes it’s as great as you can imagine).

Dean goes off to destroy the scarecrow with the director and Sam stays behind with the assistant to do some more research. Once they get back Sam shows them that it wasn’t a tulpah, but instead is Calliope, a god that feeds off of writers after their work is realized.  Meaning the show must go on and they just have to kill Calliope before she can eat the director. Which is awesome because now we are going to get to see this play in all it’s glorious-ness.

Since we no longer have a Sam actress Marie takes over that role as well and we see her get fully into character.  I’ve never seen the girl that plays Marie before (Katie Sarife) but she really impressed me this episode.  She took a slightly annoying, very weird character and made her funny and engaging without being over the top or offensive.

Preshow Sam and Dean are reviewing the cast all dressed up and Sam finally asks the question that has been killing me since I saw the premise of this episode, “Where’s Chuck?” We don’t really get a good answer, but it kinda looks like there will be no Chuck and that he will remain a mystery. Dean gives a rousing speech about how they should act with passion and as much subtext as they got (the cast then does the Ghostfacers cheer to get going– have I mentioned how awesome this episode is?)

So much awesome occurs really quickly. Dean starts dancing along to the music, Sam gets captured by the god, girl Castiel reenacts the “I’ll just wait here then” scene. Calliope explains that she’s not sure why she was drawn to this play except maybe it was because the inspiration for the stories were present. Not to mention Marie as Sam singing a lovely song about Sam’s feelings towards Dean.

Supernatural - The Musical

Sam manages to kill Calliope which kills the scarecrow that Dean has been fighting, but the audience just thinks that it was part of the play. Dean and Marie have a touching scene where she reveals that she knows he’s the real Dean. We also get to watch the real Sam and Dean have a BM scene while they watch girl Sam and Dean have a similar scene.

The crowning moment of this episode?  During the Carry on My Wayward Son chorus Sam asks in confusion who one of the actors out on the stage is supposed to be and the assistant director answers that it’s Adam and reminds the boys that he’s still in the cage in Hell with Lucifer. Watching the boys exchange awkward glances was glorious.  I wonder if they will touch on this anymore or just continue to ignore their other brother? For that matter I wonder how much of this will be addressed outside of this episode.

- Who’s that?
- Oh, that’s Adam. John Winchesters other kid. He’s still trapped in the cage. In hell. With Lucifer.

Both Sam and Dean seem to have taken a lot away from seeing other people act out their relationships and the episode ends with all being right between Sam and Dean. I really hope this continues and we get to see a season 1 type relationship.

Well I said it ended there, but it truly ended with this:

Not bad.

So nothing answered about Chuck except that he’s still alive– and perhaps we’ll get to see him some more? I’m of the Chuck is God school and would love to see him come in and lay the smack down on Metatron and fix Castiel for good. Yeah I know I’m dreaming.

Welp. Praise the Chuck and pass the ammunition.