Supernatural: Bloodlines. An introduction to a whole new world.


Don’t worry Dean, you can’t anymore. (The Mark of Cain should be mentioned at least once right?)

Oh wait, just kidding.  It’s the same world.  We just have to be introduced to everyone again like we haven’t been watching for the last 9 seasons. Don’t get me wrong this is not a post slamming the spinoff. I hope all the best for the spinoff and feel like it had a strong opening show.

My wish?  I wish that they hadn’t messed with the flow of this season with this backdoor pilot.  What would have been amazing is if they’d had a special in the summer or in the fall with a pilot to this new show that featured Sam and Dean.  Or done it like the first Ghostfacer’s episode was done.  Now I know that Ghostfacers didn’t get made into a real show, but if it had they did a perfect backdoor pilot for that show.  It was a different format, but the docu-style filming fit with the storyline of that particular episode.  The plot for Supernatural was uninterrupted and we didn’t have all the painful exposition that we had in Bloodlines.

Alright enough of my complaining. I’m never a huge fan of any spinoff pilots, but I’ll give this show a chance when if finally airs.

As far as the episode goes I won’t nit pick the plot line since it didn’t really have anything to do with the Cain story or the battle over Hell, or the battle over Heaven.  However, there were some jewels in this episode.


I loved this little one liner.  I’m sure the boys get tired to making up elaborate lies everywhere they go.  Plus this is a total dick comment that a Fed would make.


I really felt sorry for this guy.  The cops treated him like he was insane and the guys rejected his help which I felt was a little out of character for them.  No they don’t team up with everyone they meet, but they do usually give the witness their number to call if they are in trouble.


You can always count on Dean to provide the twisted sense of humor and this episode needed it.  So much angst and melodrama.


First off– good job thinking on your feet.  Secondly– I like David Lassiter.  He’s the hero this new show needs. Plus I liked the actor as Kol on The Vampire Diaries so I’m glad he’s getting a regular gig.


Surely some other hunters have picked up on this before? Or what about Death when he was about to wipe Chicago off the map? Just seems like it would of come up at some point.


Seriously I think they’ve picked some good actors for the leads and more importantly set them up as good characters.

7. This one has soooo many feels. Plus they have to hook us Supernatural fans somehow right?

So much sadness. Plus it sets David up as the Dean character which then leads to this:


Get it?  Get it? It’s the Dean character is kissing his love interest– who is wearing a trench coat! Haha– I guess it’s giving Destiel to us without actually giving us Destiel.  If that’s your kinda a thing– I hope you enjoyed it.


Since you evidently need a Sam to David’s Dean we establish that his dad is just missing on an extended hunt.  Because that’s not familiar at all. Now he can go off and brood about his dad abandoning him and his girlfriend’s death.  Yep.


And that right there is just to make that list even.  It has nothing to do with this post at all.  Except that it’s pretty.  And has Dean and Cas.  That is all.

We will return to our regularly scheduled program next week.

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