Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review. As reviewed by my 4 and 6 year old


I took my 6 year old boy and 4 year old daughter to see the new Captain America movie this afternoon right after school.  He had been asking daily since the movie was released when I was going to take him.  My 4 year old?  I didn’t have anyone to watch her so she came along for the ride. She’s seen Captain America and The Avengers a minimum of 100 times each so she’s well founded in the story line.

The thing I love about almost all Marvel movies is that, unlike the X-Men movies, there is plenty of violence, but no graphic sex scenes that I have to try to avoid and minimal bad language.  Therefore we go see all Marvel movies.  I will include my review at the end, but here are my children’s thoughts.  I felt like they summarized all the online reviews in their own words.

Langley(6):The Winter Soldier’s arm was awesome and metal and had a tattoo. When the guy with the metal arm fights it’s awesome.  I didn’t like it when Nick Fury died. I didn’t like when he took off his eye patch. Can we go see it again?

The above statement is true.  Bucky was awesome and a convincing bad guy that you didn’t really want to see defeated, because, well he’s Bucky! Mostly during the exposition and other tense moments he was busy spilling Nerds onto the theater floor.


Gillian (4): I like the girl with the red hair and when she punches the mans that are bad.  I don’t like the bad Captain America cause he is bad. I want to see the movie with the girl in it. It was too long and I didn’t like it when that one man punched that other man and then he diiiiied. I wanna dress up like the girl. I PROMISE I won’t scare anyone. I love the girl.

I agree.  Black Widow got the chance to really show her stuff in this movie.  She was a strong female character that wasn’t tough because she was Captain America’s girlfriend (which she wasn’t), but because she was a strong character.  Also– seriously– where is the Black Widow stand alone movie?

Now I will post a somewhat more in depth review.  Not just kid cuteness, so feel free to stop now if seriousness isn’t your thing.

This was a solid follow up to Captain America.  Was it better than The Avengers?  No. But I will compare Avengers 2 to the original and this should only be compared to the first Captain America.  We got to see Cap still struggling with the modern era and we got a few mentions of the other heroes to remind us he is part of a group. Albeit a dysfunctional group.

The Nick Fury chase scene was great.  Rarely to I really pay attention during a blow ’em up scene, but all the explosions made sense and directly affected to chase scene.  I seriously was on edge as to whether he would survive and if you haven’t seen it I won’t spoil it for you.

I stated before that Black Widow was amazing in this and she was.  She wasn’t a supporting character as much as a co-star.  But I talked about her before so let’s continue.

Falcon was an interesting supporting character.  He was strong on his own, but not unbelievably strong.  His gear was somewhat unbelievable, but if I’m having to buy everything else in the Captain America world, a mechanical set of wings is an easy addition.  I loved his back up and will enjoy seeing him in movies to come (hopefully).

And Robert Redford is still sexy. No. Matter. What.

I won’t go into much more because I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it.

Worth seeing in 3D?  Yes.

Kid friendly? Yes, assuming you’re OK with the other Marvel movies.

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