If “Frozen” Happened In The Real World


Let me preface this with that as far as Disney movies go I think this movie is good.  I didn’t get to go see it in the theaters because another family member took the kids so I saw this for the first time when I bought it on Amazon about a week ago.  Since then I’ve watched it approximately 13098538743029384 times.  OK I might be exaggerating, but it’s been a lot.  There are a few plot holes that I’ve had trouble getting past.

Oh, there’s a bunch of spoilers past this point, just FYI.

1.  OK so we are to believe that Elsa was locked away to learn to “conceal” her powers after Anna’s memory was wiped and although that’s a ridiculously horrible and poorly thought out plan I can buy that.  Crazy parents have done worse.  However, Anna was left to grow up alone and friendless.  THIS is where I have my first issue.  Anna would have been surrounded by daughters of princes, lords, etc. and there’s no way that the King and Queen could have cut all ties with all other royalty around without making some crazy enemies.  Besides the fact that they couldn’t get rid of all the other children that would have flocked around the royal family Anna and Elsa both would have had to have tutors in not only the basic educational needs, but also dance, music and people that would be teaching Elsa to one day be able to run a country.

2. So somehow even though Anna never had any interactions with the outside world she still managed to become a little less stupid version of Sansa Stark.  Like Sansa she entered the world ripe for corruption by those who would want to use her.  At least she didn’t have to see her dad’s head on a stake.


She did manage to be a bratty teenager that was so in love with falling in love that she grabbed the first guy that came across her path.  In true bratty teenager form she also pitched a fit in a very public forum when both her and Elsa should have been focusing on showing a united front on what had to be a very fragile kingdom.

Way to make a scene Elsa and Anna.  That crown is secure now right?

3. Speaking of a fragile kingdom, who ran everything between their parent’s death and Elsa’s coronation?  They went down in a shipwreck and we’re to believe that all trade and government just went on with both of the girls locked up in the castle?  Cause I’m sure that none of the townspeople would resent two over privileged princesses that never came out in public or took part in politics.  Russia and France proved that they loved their royalty that lived in their own world, out of touch with reality.  Oh wait.

4.  This kinda bleeds over from #3.  If there hadn’t been a Regent explicitly declared there would have been someone there manipulating their way into power. Think Cersei and Joffery.  Littlefinger and Sansa.  Or in the real world Henry the Eighth and all women.  This point bothers me more than all others.  There is no way either girl wouldn’t have been corrupted and manipulated from the moment their parents went down with the ship.

5.  OK last one– Anna might seriously have been married off to Hans.  Granted it wouldn’t have happened because Anna and Hans decided to, but in a calculated move to solidify the monarchy.  Of course the 13th son of a kingdom might not have the pull for that kind of marriage, but the argument that “you don’t marry someone you just met” is invalid.  Both Anna and Elsa could very possibly have ended up marrying someone they hadn’t met or even disliked (see Marie Antoinette, Henry the Eighth and pretty much every other monarch preceding current times).

Once again– I did enjoy the movie, but I can’t help but think that it would have made a much more interesting movie if some of these plot points had been addressed.

5 thoughts on “If “Frozen” Happened In The Real World

  1. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones (I know, I know), so those references mean nothing to me. But I can’t help thinking about how little thinking I did about these kinds of plot holes as a kid, Beauty and the Beast plot holes much? I know adults are going to watch them too but really the audience is children. And children don’t see/aren’t aware of the politics you’re talking about. And maybe they don’t need to just yet. Our culture certainly doesn’t think they need to understand them. And when it comes down to it doesn’t EVERY fairy tale have loads and loads of plot holes? I definitely see what you mean about the unrealistic elements but I kind of think that’s the intent. Otherwise it would be closer to The Tudors or The Borgias, both of which are aimed at adults and very explicitly address politics, both governmental and sexual.

    • 1. You need to read A Song of Ice and Fire or at least watch Game of Thrones– it’s amazing. 2. I agree with you that kids don’t really need to get all the politics of how this would really work, I’m just pointing out what I see as plot holes. I have already watched this movie so many times and I’m sure will watch it so many more that I can’t help but see these things. 🙂

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