Supernatural: Thinman. Return of the GHOSTFACERS!!


I have been looking forward to this episode ever since I found out that the Ghostfacers were coming back.  Every Ghostfacer episode is on my list of favorites (Hell House, Ghostfacers, and It’s a Terrible Life).  They are wonderful.  Just serious enough to not be completely goofy, but crazy enough to be a caricature of the ghost hunters on reality TV.

So maybe it’s because I was looking forward to this episode so much that I was a little disappointed in it.  Some of the interactions just felt forced.  The scene at the diner didn’t seem threatening to me, I didn’t buy that Dean wouldn’t have followed through with some of his threat of what he’d do if they didn’t leave, and the conversations between the ‘facers just seemed to scream “HEY LOOK AT US WE ARE HAVING THE SAME FIGHT SAM AND DEAN ARE HAVING!!”

There were a few great moments and lines.  So here are some of the awesome moments of the episode.  Let’s glory in the great moments before I get nit picky.


This is what I love about the Ghostfacers.  They are passionate about what they do and want to become famous doing what they love.


I totally pronounce GIF’s JIF– like the peanut butter so Ed can call it whatever he wants.



I include this because Tumblr exploded with this line.  Now there is a GIF for this emotion too!  Haha, seriously though even though this is totally just meant for people who make GIF’s I can’t help but loving it too,


OK THIS.  This scene right here was the best thing out of the whole episode.  Yes they reminded us over and over that the problems that the Ghostfacers were having had great parallels with the issues that Sam and Dean are having, but this moment reminded us of the relationship they used to have.  I miss season 1-6 brotherly love.  I hope Sam took away from this what I did too.  This is a cute story about Sam following Dean’s lead even though it was a terrible idea, but look deeper.  Dean took Sam to the ER alone, on his handlebars, because at age 9 and 5 their dad was out hunting monsters instead of taking care of his family.  As a mother of a 6 and 4 year old I can’t imagine leaving my kids alone to fend for themselves.  They’ve touched on this before, but this is another huge reminder of what a huge loser douchebag John Winchester was.  Sure he was out there saving lives and killing monsters, but what was he doing to his kids in the process?  How can Sam shut Dean out after this reminder?  Sam is all that Dean has and yes he was ready to die, but how could he be surprised that Dean wouldn’t allow that.


Just like I want Sam to stop pouting and fighting with Dean I also want Dean to realize how much he hurt Sam and apologize!  I predict that Dean will get sick, almost die or whatever and Sam will be faced with a similar decision and suddenly understand again what Dean was thinking.  I also think that Dean is going to have to apologize before any progress can be made between the two of them.


I’m wondering if the ease with which Dean killed the Thinman is side effect of the Mark of Cain or if he just doesn’t feel any remorse with killing humans anymore.  I could see it either way and am even a little surprised that Sam brought it up.  They’ve both done their fair share of killing and this instance was completely warranted.  So I guess I’m going to go with the fact that both boys are crazy messed up in the head.

Overall this episode gave both Dean and Sam a lot to think about.  They saw two friends ripped apart by lies and pretty much saw their last argument repeated word for word right in front of them.  I’m going to call bs on a little of this though. Yeah Ed lied to Harry about the Thinman and broke up him and his fiance, but Dean saved Sam’s life!  He trusted an angel that Cas vouched for.  Dean wasn’t trying to break up Sam from a girlfriend because he wanted to hang out with him more.  He was saving him from being killed by a failed mission. Rule #1 is that Dean loves Sam more than his own life.  Period.  Sam once went to crazy lengths too to try to save Dean, but he seems to have forgotten all about that.

So yeah some of the plot felt forced, it wasn’t as scary as I think it could have been (I miss the episodes like Ghostfacer and even the webseries.  Those episodes had the creepy factor not just the prerequisite monster), and they drilled into us the similarities between the ‘facers and the boys instead of keeping it subtle.  However, when it’s all said and done, this was a solid episode and I can’t help but feel that we are moving towards something big.  My hope is that once we get to that something big that we’ll be able to understand these last few episodes a little more.

One thought on “Supernatural: Thinman. Return of the GHOSTFACERS!!

  1. Love your review.This is one of my favorite episodes and the scene that you cited as the best is the reason why.
    I just love it. Dean tried to isolate himself from Sam by sitting at another table in the room. Sam’s totally not having that. In the next scene you see them at the table together,researching across from each other just like old times. After that they’re just sitting and eating dinner together which turns into remembrances, and DEAN IS TOTALLY SMILING AND HAPPY!
    For about 30 seconds, when they both remember that they’re not supposed to be actually liking each other .
    I think Sam is finding it increasingly difficult to be just “Partners” and that’s how its supposed to be, no matter how justifiably angry he might be.

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