Supernatural: The Purge aka The One Where Sam is Mean

“I was just being honest”– Sam, being a douche.

Seriously Sam was nicer when he didn’t have a soul.  He keeps bringing up the fact that he doesn’t want to treat Dean like family anymore and is ignoring all of Dean’s friendly overtures.  I know Dean messed up and even though I don’t think Dean realizes how bad he messed up Sam is totally ignoring the fact that he is coping by drinking too much and not sleeping.  While I think that Dean needs to come to terms with what he’s done Sam just being mean is not the answer.  How can Sam not respond to this:

Dean Puppy eyes


Look at those eyes.  At that sadness.  See Sam was nicer soulless than post- Gadreel.


As far as this episode goes I’m not a huge fan.  The monster is a little odd (although it’d be an awesome monster to have around.  I’d take her home with me like that monster Clark the kids found in the park, in the dark, she would grow and grow) and there was a little more slapstick comedy than I usually go for (remember I’ve said here that do I enjoy the funny episodes).  It was trying to be instead of just being funny and there was a definite lack of badassedness (that’s a word right?) from the boys.  The fight scene in the basement was suspenseful, but the dim light and flashlights distracted me.  My favorite moment from the episode was by far this moment:

The other redeeming scene in this episode was when they finally had a real conversation about Sam’s anger at Dean.  It makes me think that Sam being mean is not only based on the fact that Dean messed up, but also Sam acting out like a little brother that is upset and angry so therefor wants to hurt Dean because he knows he can.  This is a time we really need Bobby to kick some sense into both of them.  And maybe to give Dean a hug.

Cause he needs one.

No matter how many times Sam says he can’t be brothers with Dean anymore (which totally sounds like a playground argument–“You’re not going to be my brother anymore!!”) I don’t believe him.  If it was just a job he wouldn’t have reacted like this when he found Dean passed out:

Sam can say he wouldn’t save Dean and possibly he wouldn’t, but I find it hard to believe that he would turn his back on his brother when it comes down to it.  His brother who went to Hell to save him, his brother who has always been there for him, his brother who I think he sometimes takes for granted.  His brother who I think he will have to save from the Mark of Cain soon.

Another great moment that needs to be mentioned:

Dean eats a mean donut.

Questions that need to be answered:

Where is Castiel and why in the world is Snooki on next week’s episode?



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