Supernatural: Sharp Teeth. Has Everything Changed?

Sharp Teeth was on the surface a filler episode.  Yeah we had Garth show up and had a twist in his story, but as much as I love Garth I don’t count him as a real main character.  He’s the comic relief of the show. Heaven knows they need some comic relief.  Just 2 seasons ago they were able to spread that around between Bobby, Garth, Cas, Meg, Crowley and Kevin.  Out of that cast they have Cas and Crowley left (sorry, Garth’s episode felt like a goodbye.  I just don’t see a werewolf staying a hunter).  That’s a big burden to put on those actors so I predict a new character to help with said comic relief.  At least I hope so.  Perhaps Cain (and Able?) will provide some dark comedy?

Now if we dig a little deeper I think there are a lot of subtle clues about some big changes going on with Dean.  Dean and Sam have both been losing their humanity bit by bit for seasons now, but Dean took another big step forward.  He is flat out lying to Sam now, not for his own good, but just because he is working alone as much as possible.  Next, did anyone else notice how Dean got it done killing wise.  Knife thrown through the heart? NBD.  Killing a bunch of other werewolves?  It’s all good.


Now don’t get me wrong.  Dean has always been a killing machine, but he seemed especially on point this episode.  My theory is that the Mark of Cain is helping him out.  Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but Sam’s no slouch as a hunter.  Yet in comparison to Dean Sam looked almost inexperienced.  This almost reminds me of Sam back in his demon blood days.  Cold, calculating, and a killer through and through.



Now the monster story in the background (OK maybe foreground) of this episode was interesting, but if Garth hadn’t been involved it would have been just another monster of the week story.  This episode brought the boys back together, said goodbye to Garth (once again– I’m not trying to get rid of Garth, it just seemed like a goodbye episode), and we saw Dean as a confident killer.

What was the most heartbreaking moment of the episode though?  You might think I would say Garth revealing his werewolf issue, but no.  It was this moment:

No one is over Kevin’s death.  Not Sam, or Dean, or me.  Seriously I was depressed for days and still get weepy thinking about it.

Second most feels filled moment:

Sam saying that all their issues have stemmed from them being family broke Dean’s (and my) heart.  Of course Dean had said all this to Sam in the past (not the family stuff, but that he didn’t know who Sam was and couldn’t trust him).

The boys are brothers and no matter how much they try to “just work” that’s not going to happen, but I do hope that perhaps putting all the emotions to the side for a brief moment might allow them to finally move on.  Move on from some of the baggage left over from the bad decisions they have both made over the years.  Was this a game changer episode in disguise as a routine monster of the week episode? Hey, a girl can hope.



3 thoughts on “Supernatural: Sharp Teeth. Has Everything Changed?

  1. First let me express how glad I am to have found this blog, I’m glad that there are others that love this show and are fans like myself. Ok with that said, I like to add that Dean has really begun to show his emotions more and allowing himself to be vulnerable , while I get the feeling that Sam no longer has anything to live for. (having resolved to die during the trails)
    I think the game has definitely changed due to the all encompassing “we’re family and that absolves all our wrongs” card not being a factor anymore… We’ll at least to Sam.

    • I think Sam telling Dean that really shocked Dean. My hope is that Dean will work to earn Sams trust back and be a better brother for it. Dean has always assumed he was in charge and Sam should go along with what he says. At times he has been right (Ruby, etc), but Sam is his own person and although I don’t want him to die that should have been his choice. Once again, I don’t want him to die, but I understand his feelings of betrayal.

      • Agreed, also remember at a couple of points Dean lost his will to go on and almost invited death (not the big daddy death) and it was Sam that pulled him out of his funk.

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