So, Huffington Post, You’ve Decided to Turn on Jennifer Lawrence too

I’ve seen the Huffington Post article that’s been circulating condemning Jennifer Lawrence’s statements about her body. I’ve had friends post it and understand (kinda) where they are coming from.  Yes Jennifer Lawrence is thin.  She’s in good shape and I would looooove to have her body.  Here’s the thing though: She is having to justify her body just like Melissa McCarthy does.  (I also wonder how Melissa McCarthy feels about being dragged into this)  Do I think that Jennifer Lawrence should ever have to address her weight?

Look at this.  No she shouldn’t.  But seriously how many different ways can you answer the, “Does it bother you that you are fatter than everyone else” question?  First off, I understand how she could get snippy after being asked this for the 100th time.  Secondly, I feel like I understand where she’s coming from.  She’s young and most young people have fragile body images no matter how tough they appear.  Also when I was her age I had a similar body type and had crazy doubts about my self image.  I thought I could stand to lose a few pounds and know that I inadvertently said hurtful things to others.  Not because I thought they were fat, but because I thought I was the same shape that they were so when they said they were trying to lose weight I said things like, “yeah I would like to, too.”

Two kids and 30 pounds later I understand that 117 pounds was NOT fat.  But here’s the other thing: If I had been interviewed as much as Jennifer Lawrence is and was continually compared to girls like this:

I probably would have said much worse things than tell the interviewer that I wanted some french fries and that I didn’t want to go hungry to make them happy.  I’m impressed that she can keep her cool at all, much less her sanity.

Here’s the most important thing: fat and skinny are all relative.  At 117 pounds I wanted to lose weight.  I wore a *gasp* size 6 and in comparison to other girls fitting into size 0 pants I felt obese.  Now after giving birth twice (those good birthin’ hips finally came in handy) I know I will never see below 130 again and will have to starve myself to get to 140, but say I’d been 200 pounds and had lost 50. Everyone would tell me how fantastic I look.  So why don’t I just accept I’m fantastic as I am now.  I say this to the person that is 200 pounds or 300 pounds.  Love yourself and accept your body.

Do I still plan on going to the gym tomorrow?  Yes.  But that is for me. Not for the other mom’s that will be there while their kids are at school or for the other women that I’ll see through work, but to help me feel healthy.  So how about we back off Jennifer Lawrence and Melissa McCarthy and let them be the people they want to be.

I have to respect someone who stands up to the people giving her the role of a lifetime by saying this:

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