Catching Fire Premier Party

Last year I did a Hunger Games premier party (a friend of mine blogged about it) and since that was so much fun I had to do another one this year.  Here are some highlights from the party:


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I made these name cards to go with the food.  Most of the food was just regular food with just cute (or slightly dark) names and that made the prep for the party much easier than last year.  Last year I focused on having food that was mentioned in the book, but some of the food turned out to be not so yummy so this year I opted more for food that I know would be good.  My personal favorites were Nightlock surprise and Mockingjay Wings.

I, of course dressed up and thought my costume was much better than last year.  I only got one other person to dress up, but I appreciate her support.

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We had a trivia quiz as well which evidently I made quite a bit harder this year than last year (sorry guys!) and then went to see the movie which was so very good.  I was very impressed with the adaptation and thought it was a big step up from the first movie.  Not that I thought the first movie was bad, but I just thought they didn’t convey why Katniss had to lie about her feelings.  There was no urgency with Peeta’s injury or signs of inner struggle from Katniss.  They covered all of this in Catching Fire without make Peeta out as  a weakling.  There are a ton of other sites doing movie reviews and that’s not what I’m doing here, I’m just saying, go see it.  You will thank me later.

I will leave you this from ArtistAbe on Deviant Art


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