Something is seriously wrong with Amelia.

Amelia and Riot

Amelia and Riot

The first half of this season of Supernatural felt wrong.  The idea that Sam abandoned Dean in Purgatory and never even tried to look for him.  Yeah that doesn’t fly with me.  I can understand that Dean befriended a vampire and that Sam’s not cool with that.  After all Dean did kill Amy Pond (one of their writers must be a serious Doctor Who fan) just because she might kill again someday so it’s understandable that Sam isn’t cool with Dean having a vampire friend.

I really don’t think that this season had a good episode until LARP and the Real Girl just because of all the drama going on with Sam.  Don’t get me wrong.  Dean was getting it done.  He was having flashbacks about how much Purgatory sucked, dealing with his heartbreak over leaving Castiel behind, dealing with the feelings of loyalty to his vampire friend Benny and mostly just being his normal awesome self.

Sam however seems bummed that Dean has shown back up.  Instead of seeing Sam relieved that his brother has escaped a torturous place he seems pretty bummed out that he can’t continue his life without hunting. Seriously?  Dean is not some annoying step child that Sam has to take care of that he’s suddenly gotten custody of.  Sam gave up college to hunt with Dean.  Sam has sacrificed himself time and time again to save the world (including some unfortunate demon’s blood/sex choices) so I don’t care what has happened: Sam wouldn’t bail on Dean or Kevin.

Speaking of Kevin Sam just left him to hang out with Crowley?  Really?  He never once checked his voicemails or wondered if there was something he could do to help this young kid that they have guided since his life turned upside down?  Once again I say no.

So here’s my theory: Sam had some kind of meltdown shortly after Dean got sucked into Purgatory and his whole life with Amelia and the dog didn’t really happen.

I know other people have thrown this out too, but after going back and rewatching some of the early episodes from season 8 this just seems to make more and more sense.


  • Sam wouldn’t abandon Dean.  Ever.
  • Sam wouldn’t leave Kevin with Crowley
  • Sam seems to feel really guilty when he hears Kevin’s voicemails asking for help
  • Sam has always wanted a dog and a normal love life and very conveniently got both of these
  • His flash backs have an eerie quality to them.  Like they are too perfect.
  • There are inconsistencies with the Amelia story line.  When Dean comes back we see Sam leaving Amelia and Riot while they are sleeping (with a mysterious figure seen watching him), but then we see him leaving her because her not dead husband showed back up.  So which is it?  Sam left because Dean was back or because Don was back?
  • Dean never meets Amelia.  Sam meets Benny, they talk about her, but no meetings between the two.
  • Sam is somewhat sad when he chooses to stay with Dean, but  is not as sad as when he lost Jess, or Ruby (and he even had betrayal and anger to help him get over Ruby


The harder stuff to explain away:

  • Sam has Amelia’s number in his phone (supposedly)
  • Dean comments on the dog smell in the Impala when Sam meets him
  • He has a rendezvous with Amelia when Dean sends him a fake text saying she’s in trouble that definitely seems pretty real
  • The scenes that are of Amelia alone.  Usually imaginary people aren’t seen alone

So why would Sam have an imaginary girlfriend?  Manti Te’o made it look cool? OK maybe not.

Option 1 is that he’s been through a lot.  He lost his mom and his dad, he’s died, lost Dean to hell for a while, gotten addicted to demon’s blood, been possessed by Lucifer, gone to hell himself, gone completely insane, lost Bobby, and then lost Dean again.  Just to name a few things.  So it’s understandable that he could lose his mind again.  So maybe he just went kinda crazy and then started to get back on track once Dean showed up again.  I don’t like this theory too much though because that’s not much better than what was spelled out to us.

Option 2 is that Naomi is screwing with him.  We know that Naomi is messing with Cas and all of his memories so I don’t think it’s that far off track that she would do the same with Sam.  Perhaps trying to figure out how to regain control of Heaven again or to find out all of the Winchester secrets so when she brought Castiel back from Purgatory she would know how to control him best.  Who knows maybe she just thought it’d be fun to stick her crazy eyeball saw into him.  I like this better.  The angels are known for their love of messing with people or other angels to achieve their goals and torturing Sam for a year and making up a cover story complete with memories would be no big deal.

Option 3 Crowley created a reality for Sam like he did for Kevin with demons around directing Sam.  Maybe he really did meet Amelia and then when Crowley realized that Sam had lowered his guard, that he wasn’t hunting anymore so he had Amelia possessed and kept her close to him to make sure Sam stayed out of his way.  The only way I see this working is if it’s combined with option 1.  Because I think he’d have to be crazy to not notice a ton of demons hanging around.  Who knows though, Kevin might have been fooled if he hadn’t known Sam and Dean so well to know when they were being faked.

No matter what the real deal is I hope that Sam’s year is explained better in season 9 and I most definitely hope that Amelia doesn’t come back.  Unless it’s to die a horrible death to never appear again.

Did I leave something out?  What do you think about Sam’s year off?