Why Game of Thrones should have had 2 more Episodes


Last week’s episode “The Rains of Castamere” was amazing.  You know when you read a book and then watch the movie and are so disappointed  in the results?  Yeah this was the opposite.  HBO did an amazing job bringing the Red Wedding to life.  Don’t get me wrong even though I knew what was coming it was still painful to watch, but painful in that, “holy crap I can’t believe this is harder to watch than it was to read” kind of way.  I really felt for everyone that was surprised by the wedding results, but I also was glad they were finally filling the deep sadness I had felt when I had initially read that scene.  

Jump to this week and the season finale.  (Some spoilers from this point on if you haven’t watched yet).  Overall this was a good episode.  There was a lot of setting up for what is to come and it was done very well.  However, as far as a season finale goes it was below par.  What this season needed was at least one more episode if not two.  I wanted to see more of Cersei’s revulsion at Jamie’s stump, more of Sansa’s disgust  and heartbreak at what the Lannisters have done to her family, and always more threats from Tyrion to Joffery. (I wanted to cheer when he told Joffery that Sansa was no longer his to torment).

The scenes between Arya and The Hound were incredible as well.  You really felt the fatherly protection that The Hound was giving her.  How he pulled her away when Robb’s body was being paraded and how he backed her play with the soldiers around the fire.  There we also got to see Arya get a small amount of revenge for all that has happened to her family.  I look forward to seeing that relationship develop more next season.

I’m glad Jon Snow made it back to the wall before the season was over and the scene with him and Ygritte was heartbreaking.  However, two more episodes could have set him up where he needs to be when Stannis arrives at the Wall. (I did giggle a little when I thought about all the people that had just seen Robb die and probably thought they were seeing Jon die).

The real reason there should have been two more episodes was to marry Joffery off.  THAT would have been a good season finale.  I understand there couldn’t have been two weddings back to back and there is some more ground work to be laid before that wedding can happen, but with just a little more time the Lannister’s could have had a celebration of their own.  I’m not trying to ruin it for the nonreaders, but that event would have allowed for a cliffhanger that would have had people chomping at the bit to find out what was going to happen to all their (remaining) favorite characters.

So HBO, congrats on an amazing season.  You did an amazing job bringing some horrible things to life (Theon becoming Reek is seriously really hard to watch), but couldn’t you have had twelve episodes instead of ten?

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